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10 Online Workouts To Get Fit With This Lockdown

If burning off that Christmas weight wasn’t hard enough already, the UK was welcomed into 2021 with a third national lockdown. Luckily for us in the streaming era, there is an ever-growing list of live and pre-recorded online fitness classes and workouts available to watch from the comfort of your own home! So it’s not all doom and gloom guys!

To kick off our 10 Online Workouts To Get Fit With This Lockdown list, we’ll be sharing some fantastic local Hull & East Yorkshire live online classes that’ll keep you feeling fit and healthy!

Sucram Yoga Hull Online Fitness Classes

Starting this week, Sucram Yoga Hull will be running fun and friendly online Yoga sessions with host Louise Hebblewhite. All classes are going live via Zoom until further notice, following new government restrictions, and are available to join for a small fee. You can find more information about upcoming activities on the Sucram Yoga Hull schedule, there will be a mix of Ladies Only Gentle Yoga, Iyengar Inspired Yoga, and Yoga Flow Dynamic.

Yoga is a popular activity to develop inner strength, stamina, endurance, correct body alignment and is a wonderful way to improve mental wellbeing. Expect a fun, welcoming environment full of laughs with this local yoga class, and of course, be ready for some hard work.

Bossfit Academy Hull Online Fitness Classes

Bossfit Academy located in Hull is a fitness company that provides professional training, nutrition plans, workout classes, and online coaching to aid people in their fitness journeys. Bossfit is offering free HIIT workout classes via Zoom regularly during this lockdown. The classes are designed for people wanting to burn a high number of calories, develop strength, tone up, or just overall get fitter. The classes are ideal for all fitness levels and there’s no equipment required, making this the ideal choice for complete beginners!

Us Mums Hull

Us Mums is an inclusive pre and postnatal exercise program based in Hull and delivered by the Healthy Lifestyles Team. The program is specifically designed for women, helping them stay fit, active, and connected to other mums in the area! The workout sessions are brought to you by professional and fully qualified Pre and Post-natal trainers, so you know you’re in good hands!

The online timetable for this lockdown period includes Parent and Tot Dance Classes, Bump & Beyond Yoga, and Relaxation & Meditation to name a few! For more information, you can head over to the Us Mums Hull Facebook page, where you will find everything you need to get involved!

JTFitness Hull

JTFitness Hull is offering HIIT and bodyweight online classes tailored for all abilities throughout lockdown via Zoom! These intense yet fun weekly sessions run for 45 minutes and are rated 4.9 out of 5 from user recommendations and reviews! Scheduling and booking information is available on the JTFitness Facebook page. You can also take a look at some of the incredible body transformations JTFitness users have achieved!

Aim High Dance Fitness Hull

AimHigh-DanceFitness Hull has stepped into 2021 offering one to one online sessions and plans for a variety of different fitness levels and abilities! From HIIT workout plans, Mum & Baby programs, Mobility sessions, child-friendly dance, prerecorded routines, and weekly zoom classes, lockdown fitness couldn’t be easier!

Your motivator is Amy, who will guide you on your exercise journey. You can find out more information on classes and bookings by visiting the AimHigh-DanceFitness Facebook page!

We know not everyone’s schedule stays the same each week, which is why we have included 5 of the best personal trainers that provide both pre-recorded and live workout classes weekly, and that you can do from the comfort of your own home!

Chloe Ting Online Fitness Workouts

We thought it would be best to start this list with an instructor who has taken the world by storm with her free fitness sessions. Chloe Ting, not only offers free and weekly workout programs on her YouTube channel, there’s also healthy food recipes, fitness challenges, and workout calendar schedules. Chloe’s most popular fitness challenge is her “Get Abs in 2 Weeks” session, with over 288 million views! Other workouts available are high-intensity core and cardio programs, toning classes, morning routines, full-body cooldowns for recovery, and no equipment exercises. That’s just naming a few! 

Most of Chloe’s programs are under 20 minutes long, perfect for if you don’t have a lot of spare time on your hands! One thing to note, however, is that Chloe’s classes are pretty intense, not specifically suited for people looking for low-impact activities and classes. The sessions are intense but still suited for beginners, with 17 million subscribers and a number of different challenges to try, Chloe is a great choice if you’re wanting to try something new or mix-up your existing routine!

Chloe also offers live real-time workouts every Tuesday and Saturday on Twitch! Stay up to date with Chloe’s live schedule by visiting her Twitter page or go to her website for more information.

MadFit Online Fitness Workouts

Madfit is another instructor with a fantastic range of free fitness classes. From partner workouts, knee-friendly/ low impact sessions, apartment-friendly activities, beginner suited classes, and even dance party workouts, Madfit is on a mission to inspire everyone at all fitness levels to get up and get moving.

Madfit was created by Canada based fitness trainer Maddie Lymburner who has amassed over 5 million subscribers on YouTube alone! Posting more than twice a week and with easy to navigate fitness playlists, you’ll be able to find exactly what it is you’re looking for and get fit in no time!

Popsugar Fitness

Popsugar Fitness offers fresh and on-trend fitness sessions that will accompany you on your journey to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief. This fitness channel has one of the widest ranges of workout playlists to explore on YouTube. From K-Pop inspired exercises, Barre and Kickboxing workouts, family-friendly cardio, Pilates, and even Hollywood expert workouts, since 2010 Popsugar has been uploading weekly with new activities to try.

While children are studying from home due to lockdown, Popsugar’s family-friendly fitness class would be an ideal substitute for physical education, with easy follow routines and talk-throughs.

FitSugar is a real-time do-it-along workout class that the channel has to offer, the class goes live with celebrity trainers and fitness experts from all over the world and with a number of different session types. Popsugar Fitness also goes live daily with 15-minute workouts on their YouTube partner channel Love Sweat Fitness, run by certified trainer Katie Dunlop. The classes go live from YouTube at 4:30 pm UK time.

Yoga with Adriene

Next on our list is Yoga with Adriene, who is aiming to connect as many people as possible through high-quality free yoga sessions. Yoga with Adriene welcomes all bodies, all levels, and all fitness goals. From a beginner and foundation yoga series to weight loss yoga and total body sessions, you’re able to find classes specifically suited to your goals.

To make life even easier for you, Yoga with Adrienne has also categorized her sessions by length, under 10-minute yoga practices, 10-20 minute sessions, 30-45 minute classes, and so on, you can find programs suited to any timescale.

The Body Coach TV Online Fitness Classes

Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach is a well known British fitness coach loved by the nation for his easy to follow a variety of workouts and TV personality! If you head on over to his YouTube channel you will find everything from do-it-at-home family workouts, low impact sessions, beginner guides, HIIT training, and so much more.

Joe also hosts regular live workout sessions, his most popular being the PE with Joe which started last year during the first national lockdown and has recently started again due to the announcement of the UK’s third lockdown. These sessions are 20 minutes long and go live weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 am on The Body Coach TV YouTube channel.

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