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18 Great Movies on Free TV This Week



What’s on TV this week? Lots of great movies!

This week features 12 Years a Slave, High-Rise, Alien: Covenant, and an Independence Day double bill.

12 Years a Slave

Monday at 21:00 on Film4

Entertainment One Films

2013 ‧ Drama/History ‧ 2h 14m

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8.1/10 IMDb 95% Rotten Tomatoes 96% Metacritic

Solomon Northup, a free African-American, is promised a fortnightly job by Brown and Hamilton. However, after arriving in Washington DC, he realises that he has been sold into slavery.

The Inbetweeners Movie

Monday at 21:00 on E4

Entertainment Film Distributors

2011 ‧ Comedy/Coming-of-age story ‧ 1h 37m

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6.7/10 IMDb 53% Rotten Tomatoes 44% Metacritic

Now that their final year of school is over, friends Will, Simon, Neil and Jay are off to Crete for a holiday. Hoping to get as much sun, sea and sex as possible, the boys quickly find more trouble than they had bargained for.


Monday at 23:40 on Film4

Momentum Pictures

2011 ‧ Drama/Erotic ‧ 1h 41m

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7.2/10 IMDb 72% Metacritic 79% Rotten Tomatoes

Successful and handsome New Yorker Brandon (Michael Fassbender) seems to live an ordinary life, but he hides a terrible secret behind his mask of normalcy: Brandon is a sex addict. His constant need for gratification numbs him to just about everything else. But, when Sissy (Carey Mulligan), Brandon’s needy sister, unexpectedly blows into town, crashes at his apartment and invades his privacy, Brandon is finally forced to confront his addiction head-on.


Tuesday at 21:00 on Sony Movies Action

Sony Pictures Releasing

1995 ‧ Action/Thriller ‧ 1h 47m

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7.2/10 IMDb 63% Rotten Tomatoes 4.6/5 Amazon UK

El Mariachi, a musician by profession, sets out with a guitar case full of guns to avenge his lover’s death and the maiming of his hand. He travels from one town to another in search of Bucho.

Girls Trip

Tuesday at 21:00 on Film4

Universal Pictures

2017 ‧ Comedy/Road ‧ 2h 2m

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6.2/10 IMDb 91% Rotten Tomatoes 71% Metacritic

When Ryan is invited to speak at the annual Essence Festival, she sees it as a chance to reconnect with her best friends Sasha, Lisa and Dina, and the girls set out on a trip to New Orleans.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Wednesday at 18:25 on Film4

Universal Pictures

2012 ‧ Fantasy/Adventure ‧ 2h 12m

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6.1/10 IMDb 49% Rotten Tomatoes 4.4/5 Amazon UK

A huntsman is tasked with murdering Snow White, a princess, on the orders of her stepmother, the Evil Queen. Instead of killing her, he ends up becoming her protector.

Alien: Covenant

Wednesday at 21:00 on Film4

20th Century Fox

2017 ‧ Sci-fi/Horror ‧ 2h 3m

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6.4/10 IMDb 65% Rotten Tomatoes 65% Metacritic

The crew of a colony ship, Covenant, receive a radio transmission from a habitable planet. However, they encounter deadly aliens while investigating the planet and try to escape.

2 Guns

Wednesday at 23:10 on Film4

Stage 6 Films

2013 ‧ Action/Thriller ‧ 1h 49m

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6.7/10 IMDb 64% Rotten Tomatoes 55% Metacritic

Two undercover agents, Robert and Michael, aim to expose Manny ‘Papi’ Greco, a drug lord. Unaware of each other’s true identities, the two get into trouble when they finally meet Papi.


Thursday at 21:00 on Film4

Sony Pictures Releasing

2016 ‧ Sci-fi/Romance ‧ 1h 56m

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7/10 IMDb 31% Rotten Tomatoes 41% Metacritic

During a voyage to a distant colony planet, Jim’s hypersleep pod malfunctions, waking him up. He and fellow passenger Aurora must work together to prevent their spaceship from meeting with a disaster.


Thursday at 23:15 on Film4


2015 ‧ Drama/Thriller ‧ 1h 59m

Play trailer on YouTube

5.6/10 IMDb 60% Rotten Tomatoes 2.8/5 Amazon UK

Life for the residents of a tower block begins to run out of control. As the residents break into tribal factions, Laing finds himself in the middle of mounting violence.

13 Going on 30

Friday at 21:00 on ITVBe

Sony Pictures Releasing

2004 ‧ Romance/Comedy ‧ 1h 38m

Play trailer on YouTube

6.2/10 IMDb 4.6/5 Amazon UK 57% Metacritic

Jenna Rink makes an unusual wish on her birthday. Miraculously, her wish comes true and the 13-year-old Jenna wakes up the next day as a 30-year-old woman.

Borg vs McEnroe

Friday at 23:20 on BBC Two

Nordisk Film

2017 ‧ Sport/Drama ‧ 1h 48m

Play trailer on YouTube

6.9/10 IMDb 84% Rotten Tomatoes 63% Metacritic

When legendary tennis player Bjorn Borg realises a young and abrasive American player, John McEnroe, is his biggest competition, a rivalry develops between them.

The Survivalist

Saturday at 01:05 on Film4

Bulldog Film Distribution

2015 ‧ Thriller/Sci-fi ‧ 1h 44m

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6.4/10 IMDb 96% Rotten Tomatoes 80% Metacritic

During a food shortage a survivalist lives off of a small plot of land in the forest. When two women show up looking for food and shelter, his existence is threatened.

A Most Violent Year

Saturday at 01:10 on Sony Movies

Icon Film Distribution

 2014 ‧ Thriller/Crime ‧ 2h 5m

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7/10 IMDb 89% Rotten Tomatoes 3.4/5 Amazon UK

In 1981 New York, a fuel supplier (Oscar Isaac) tries to adhere to his own moral compass amid the rampant violence, corruption and decay that threaten his family and his business.

Independence Day

Saturday at 18:00 on Film4

20th Century Fox

1996 ‧ Sci-fi/Action ‧ 2h 33m

Play trailer on YouTube

7/10 IMDb 65% Rotten Tomatoes 59% Metacritic

An alien race destroys major cities of the world with their advanced weaponry. However, a geek, a pilot, the US President and a group of ragtag survivors unite to save mankind from annihilation.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Saturday at 21:00 on Film4

20th Century Fox

2016 ‧ Sci-fi/Action ‧ 2h 9m

Play trailer on YouTube

5.2/10 IMDb 29% Rotten Tomatoes 32% Metacritic

Twenty years after the alien invasion, Earth is again attacked by the same species but a few fearless men and women take on the charge to save the planet.

Insidious: The Last Key

Saturday at 23:20 on Film4

Sony Pictures Releasing International

2018 ‧ Horror/Thriller ‧ 1h 43m

Play trailer on YouTube

5.7/10 IMDb 33% Rotten Tomatoes 4.2/5 Amazon UK

Elise Rainier, a parapsychologist, is haunted by her past as she is forced to return to her childhood home. She and her family have to fight the evil that is terrorising and possessing people.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Sunday at 21:00 on Film4

20th Century Fox

2014 ‧ Sci-fi/Action ‧ 2h 11m

Play trailer on YouTube

7.6/10 IMDb 90% Rotten Tomatoes 4/5 Common Sense Media

Ceasar, a chimpanzee and leader of the evolved apes, allows a human family into his territory. However, due to a vindictive bonobo, misunderstandings arise between the two species, resulting in war.

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