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22 Great Movies on Free TV This Week



An excellent week of movies is ahead of us and they’re all free to watch!

Coming up this week is Life of Pi, Ex Machina, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Star Trek, and much more.

Life of Pi

Monday at 18:35 on Film4

20th Century Fox

2012 ‧ Adventure/Drama ‧ 2h 7m

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7.9/10IMDb 3.9/5 Goodreads 87% Rotten Tomatoes

Pi Patel finds a way to survive in a lifeboat that is adrift in the middle of nowhere. His fight against the odds is heightened by the company of a hyena and a male Bengal tiger.

Alien: Covenant

Monday at 21:00 on Film4

20th Century Fox

2017 ‧ Sci-fi/Horror ‧ 2h 3m

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6.4/10 IMDb 65% Rotten Tomatoes 65% Metacritic

The crew of a colony ship, Covenant, receive a radio transmission from a habitable planet. However, they encounter deadly aliens while investigating the planet and try to escape.


Monday at 23:20 on Film4

K.G. Productions

2017 ‧ Drama/Thriller ‧ 1h 34m

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7.5/10 IMDb 95% Rotten Tomatoes 3.5/5 IndieWire

Miriam and Antoine Besson have divorced, and Miriam is seeking sole custody of their son Julien to protect him from a father she claims is violent. Antoine pleads his case as a scorned dad whose children have been turned against him by their vindictive mother. Unsure who is telling the truth, the appointed judge rules in favor of joint custody. A hostage to the escalating conflict between his parents, Julien is pushed to the edge to prevent the worst from happening.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Tuesday at 18:35 on Film4

Universal Pictures

2012 ‧ Fantasy/Adventure ‧ 2h 12m

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6.1/10 IMDb 49% Rotten Tomatoes 4.4/5 Amazon UK

A huntsman is tasked with murdering Snow White, a princess, on the orders of her stepmother, the Evil Queen. Instead of killing her, he ends up becoming her protector.


Tuesday at 21:00 on Film4

Sony Pictures Releasing

2016 ‧ Sci-fi/Romance ‧ 1h 56m

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7/10 IMDb 31% Rotten Tomatoes 41% Metacritic

During a voyage to a distant colony planet, Jim’s hypersleep pod malfunctions, waking him up. He and fellow passenger Aurora must work together to prevent their spaceship from meeting with a disaster.

Ex Machina

Tuesday at 23:15 on Film4

Universal Pictures

2014 ‧ Sci-fi/Thriller ‧ 1h 50m

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7.7/10 IMDb 92% Rotten Tomatoes 78% Metacritic

Caleb Smith, a young programmer, gets a chance to become a part of a strange scientific experiment where he is expected to assess artificial intelligence by interacting with a female robot.


Wednesday at 18:20 on Film4

Columbia Pictures

1984 ‧ Comedy/Fantasy ‧ 1h 47m

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7.8/10 IMDb 97% Rotten Tomatoes 71% Metacritic

When Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz and Egon Spengler lose their jobs as parapsychologists, they start an establishment called Ghostbusters to fight the evil ghosts lurking in New York City.

Independence Day

Wednesday at 21:00 on Film4

20th Century Fox

1996 ‧ Sci-fi/Action ‧ 2h 33m

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7/10 IMDb 65% Rotten Tomatoes 59% Metacritic

An alien race destroys major cities of the world with their advanced weaponry. However, a geek, a pilot, the US President and a group of ragtag survivors unite to save mankind from annihilation.

The Purge: Anarchy

Wednesday at 23:50 on Film4

Universal Pictures

2014 ‧ Thriller/Horror ‧ 1h 43m

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6.4/10 IMDb 56% Rotten Tomatoes 4.2/5

One night per year, the government sanctions a 12-hour period in which citizens can commit any crime they wish — including murder — without fear of punishment or imprisonment. Leo, a sergeant who lost his son, plans a vigilante mission of revenge during the mayhem. However, instead of a death-dealing avenger, he becomes the unexpected protector of four innocent strangers who desperately need his help if they are to survive the night.

Here Comes The Boom

Thursday at 19:00 on Sony Movies

Columbia Pictures

2012 ‧ Comedy/Action ‧ 1h 45m

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6.4/10 IMDb 40% Rotten Tomatoes 4.4/5 Amazon UK

Scott, a biology teacher, decides to become an MMA fighter and earn money for his school’s extracurricular activities programme when he learns that it will be cut due to lack of money.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Thursday at 21:00 on Film4

20th Century Fox

2016 ‧ Sci-fi/Action ‧ 2h 9m

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5.2/10 IMDb 29% Rotten Tomatoes 32% Metacritic

Twenty years after the alien invasion, Earth is again attacked by the same species but a few fearless men and women take on the charge to save the planet.

The History Boys

Thursday at 22:40 on BBC Four

Fox Searchlight Pictures

2006 ‧ Drama/Comedy ‧ 1h 52m

Play trailer on YouTube

6.8/10 IMDb 4.1/5 Goodreads 66% Rotten Tomatoes

Talented but rough-edged British schoolboys have their worlds changed forever when two teachers with opposing viewpoints on education engage in a battle to get them into Oxford and Cambridge.


Thursday at 23:10 on Horror Channel

Rank Film Distributors

1958 ‧ Horror/Fantasy ‧ 1h 22m

Play trailer on YouTube

7.3/10 IMDb 89% Rotten Tomatoes

Dracula travels to another city when he is attacked by Jonathan Harker. Dracula attacks the family of Harker’s fiancee and the only person who can protect them is Dr. Van Helsing.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Thursday at 23:20 on Film4

20th Century Fox

2014 ‧ Sci-fi/Action ‧ 2h 11m

Play trailer on YouTube

7.6/10 IMDb 90% Rotten Tomatoes 4/5 Common Sense Media

Ceasar, a chimpanzee and leader of the evolved apes, allows a human family into his territory. However, due to a vindictive bonobo, misunderstandings arise between the two species, resulting in war.

Ender’s Game

Friday at 18:45 on Film4

Summit Entertainment

2013 ‧ Sci-fi/Action ‧ 1h 54m

Play trailer on YouTube

6.6/10 IMDb 62% Rotten Tomatoes 51% Metacritic

Ender Wiggin, a brilliant young strategist, is recruited by the International Military to lead the force defending Earth from a genocidal alien race bent on annihilating humankind.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Friday at 21:00 on Film4

20th Century Fox

2017 ‧ War/Sci-fi ‧ 2h 20m

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7.4/10 IMDb 94% Rotten Tomatoes 82% Metacritic

When a rogue army of humans kills Caesar’s wife and son, he sets out to exact revenge. But his quest for retribution reveals his darker instincts even as he makes a startling discovery.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Friday at 22:00 on Talking Pictures TV

20th Century Fox

1975 ‧ Musical/Horror ‧ 1h 41m

Play trailer on YouTube

7.4/10 IMDb 79% Rotten Tomatoes 58% Metacritic

A flat tyre leaves Brad and Janet stranded on a stormy night. They experience strange incidents when they seek shelter in a nearby castle belonging to Frank-N-Furter, an eccentric transvestite.

Rio 2

Saturday at 14:55 on Film4

20th Century Fox

2014 ‧ Animation/Family ‧ 1h 41m

Play trailer on YouTube

6.3/10 IMDb 48% Rotten Tomatoes 49% Metacritic

After moving out of Rio de Janeiro, Blu, Jewel and their children try to cope with the new surroundings in the Amazon. But Blu encounters the revengeful Nigel who further complicates the situation.

The Truman Show

Saturday at 18:55 on Sony Movies

Paramount Pictures

1998 ‧ Drama/Sci-fi ‧ 1h 43m

Play trailer on YouTube

8.1/10 IMDb 95% Rotten Tomatoes 4.7/5

An insurance salesman is oblivious of the fact that his entire life is a TV show and his family members are mere actors. As he starts noticing things and uncovers the truth, he decides to escape.

Star Trek

Saturday at 21:00 on Film4

Paramount Pictures

2009 ‧ Sci-fi/Action ‧ 2h 8m

Play trailer on YouTube

7.9/10 IMDb 94% Rotten Tomatoes 4/5 Common Sense Media

James Kirk, a brash young man, and Spock, an alien with human and Vulcan blood, join the crew of the USS Enterprise to combat Nero, a member of the Romulan race who wants to destroy multiple planets.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Sunday on 12:35 on Film4

Paramount Pictures

2004 ‧ Animation/Comedy ‧ 1h 27m

Play trailer on YouTube

7.1/10 IMDb 68% Rotten Tomatoes 3/5 Common Sense Media

Trouble starts brewing in Bikini Bottom when someone steals King Neptune’s crown and the blame falls on Mr Krabs. Despite this, SpongeBob stands by his employer and sets out to find the treasure.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Sunday at 21:00 on Film4

20th Century Fox

2014 ‧ Action/Comedy ‧ 2h 10m

Play trailer on YouTube

7.7/10 IMDb 75% Rotten Tomatoes 4.4/5

Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin faces several challenges when he gets recruited as a secret agent in a secret spy organisation in order to look for Richmond Valentine, an eco-terrorist.

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