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5 Films to Watch at the Cinema this Week



The cinemas have reopened their doors in dramatic fashion as they try desperately to make up for the revenue they had lost following their abrupt closure in March.

And while not all cinemas will be reopening so soon, there are good few that have decided to welcome back customers. Among the big chains, Odeon and Cineworld are those ready to accept paying guests. With that in mind, I’ve picked out five films that you should be hunting down at your local cinema this week!

Please note that cinemas are constantly changing their schedules to cope with demand, so certain films may not be showing in your area. Check out the latest film times in your local area on the official cinema websites.


New films are coming to cinemas very slowly and one of the newest additions is Babyteeth, from director Shannon Murphy in her debut feature film. Starring Eliza Scanlen and Michelle Lotters among others in a great cast, the film sees a seriously ill teenager fall for a small-time drug dealer. Naturally things don’t go to plan.

Jurassic Park

A golden oldie for my next pick, Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park has been making its way back to cinemas 27 years after its original release. For those that didn’t get to see those genetically modified dinosaurs rampaging across Isla Nublar on the big screen the first time around, this could be your last chance, so seek it out at your local cinema if you can.


Pixar’s most recent release was abruptly halted by the appearance of COVID-19 in early March and that’s a shame, as it is instantly recognisable as one of the brand’s colourful and exciting adventures. While not an instant classic like Wall.e or Finding Nemo, Onward features great voice acting by none other than Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, while they’re taking a break from battling evil villains like Thanos, that is.


No, not that one. This is a 2019 reimagining of the classic tale from Italian director Matteo Garrone. It received positive reviews in its native Italy, and was praised for beautiful set design and cinematography. For fans of the Disney cartoon, this might be a worthwhile watch at the cinema.

An American Pickle


Starring Seth Rogen, this comedy drama has one of the most ridiculous plots you could ever imagine, but has been receiving great reviews. Just get a load of this: “Preserved in pickle brine for 100 years, an Orthodox Jewish factory worker wakes up in New York City and tracks down his great-grandson.” If this sounds like your bag, head on over to your local cinema’s website to see when it’s showing.

That’s my five recommendations for what to watch at the cinema this week. If you do decide to make the trip to your local cinema, stay safe and remember to observe social distancing rules.

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