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“A fast-paced, breathless experience” – Review of ROCK OF AGES at Hull New Theatre

If you’re a Rock lover, then you absolutely must head down to Hull New Theatre this week for ROCK OF AGES. It’s a musical infused with a whole lot of Rock. I had the pleasure of reviewing the show, and boy, what a night it was!

“Rock of Ages” at Hull New Theatre is a vibrant musical set in 80s Los Angeles, focusing on “The Bourbon Club,” a hub for Rock music, under threat from developers. Dennis Dupree, the club’s owner, resists the demolition plans, while narrator Lonny Barnet enlivens the show with his humorous interactions. Amidst the struggle to preserve the club and foster new talent, a love story unfolds between Sherrie, a young girl, and Drew Boley, two characters that harmonize perfectly despite the romantic rollercoaster.

The plot thickens when an unscrupulous developer and his son sway the Mayor’s support for their plans, prompting Regina, the Mayor’s assistant, to quit and campaign against the development. Drama escalates when rock star Stacie Jaxx, frontman of the band Arsenal, has an affair with Sherrie, which results in heartbreak for Drew and Sherrie’s exit from the club. Another romantic spark ignites between Regina and the developer’s son, Franz, who detests his father’s business.

Eventually, the couples reconcile, and the club is saved from destruction. The show is a riot of energy, seamlessly transitioning between scenes and timeless rock anthems like “We Built This City on Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and “Don’t Stop Believing.” With an enthusiastic cast and a captivated audience, this musical offers an unforgettable experience. I’m sure you were already singing along in your head as you read these titles.

This show is an explosion of sound, with a fast-paced, breathless experience from start to finish. It seamlessly transitions between scenes and songs with boundless energy. The entire cast shines brilliantly, and it’s evident that they’re having a blast on stage. Their enthusiasm spills over to the audience, who adored every moment of it.

Don’t miss this phenomenal production. “Rock of Ages” is being shown at Hull New Theatre all this week until Saturday, 20th May. Tickets are still available, so make sure you secure yours for an experience you won’t forget. Visit to book your tickets now. Rock on!

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