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Hull is a city on the edge of the world, perfect for low-cost living with plenty of choice for families. We love the city and it’s beautiful surroundings; the East Riding of Yorkshire, which is full of stunning green countryside and vibrant golden beaches. While Hull itself is a city on the up since it’s 2017 City of Culture year of memorable events.

We’re passionate about where we live and so are our readers! Our mission is to help them stay in the know on what’s happening, the best places to go, and great things to do.

Our audience

David Burns
David Burns@bbcburnsy
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Finally, Hull and surrounds has been crying out for a decent what's on website. @hullwhatson may just provide it.
Jon Hilton
Jon Hilton
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Great place to find out what’s happening in the local area.
Rebecca Eden
Rebecca Eden
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Easy way to find out about great stuff happening in my local area!
Charlotte Claire
Charlotte Claire
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Love Hull What's On... use regularly to find out what’s going on in the local area; it’s a great way to ensure I’m not missing anything, it really is invaluable!
Amanda Ward
Amanda Ward
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Up to date information about events from theatre to food. Brilliant site.
Maureen Lockyer
Maureen Lockyer
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Use often to find out what’s going on in the area
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Our website is where our readers spend time learning about what’s going on around Hull, as well as exploring new ideas and getting inspiration for their next day or night out.

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Our weekly newsletter provides our readers with a round up of the latest of what’s happening around around Hull & East Yorkshire. This includes the latest local news stories, upcoming events, new restaurant discounts, ideas, suggestions and much more.

In a scrollable format, the newsletter is a great way to reach our readers where they’re ready to engage – their inbox. There are various ad sizes and formatting options to suit your campaign style and objectives.

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