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5 coffee shops in Hull to try this Summer



Coffee is one of Britain’s most consumed and beloved refreshments, with some studies suggesting that it may even outrank tea in terms of popularity. As a result of this national obsession, the towns and cities of Britain are replete with coffee shops and houses, establishments that, above all, provide good quality coffee suitable for everyone from experienced connoisseurs seeking the newest flavours, to curious newcomers eager to see what all the fuss is about.

Hull and the East Riding is no different to the rest of Britain in that it boasts a number of brilliant coffee shops, all of which are able to accommodate a thirsty customer in any mood. Here are five coffee shops I urge you to visit this summer.

Two Gingers Coffee

Unit 5, Paragon Arcade, Paragon Street, Hull HU1 3PQ

Since it’s formal establishment in 2017, this humorously named coffee shop has quickly become one of Hull’s most precious treasures, and a site of great importance to any coffee lovers in the local area. Situated amongst the Vaudevillian bustle of Paragon Arcade, Two Gingers is an ideal spot to grab a coffee, sit down, and simply enjoy watching the world go by.

With its ambition of bringing ‘great coffee’ to Hull, the establishment offers everything one might expect from a coffee shop of it’s renowned, including: Espresso Tonic, Cappucino, Sasaba, and Iced Coffees, all at a reasonable price.

Two Gingers also allows customers to purchase a plethora of products from their online shop, with their Colombian ‘Villa Clabelina’ brand being a favourite amongst local fans of exotic and tasty coffees. For those interested in the process of coffee making, Two Gingers also provides interesting information about their products and how they are expertly crafted to ensure the customer has an exciting and rewarding experience. Combining beautiful surroundings and delicious coffee at an affordable price, visiting Two Gingers is a must.

Check out their website: https://www.twogingerscoffee.co.uk/

Revival Coffee and Doughnuts

77 Ferensway, Hull HU2 8LD

Positioned a mere stone’s throw away from Hull’s St. Stephens Shopping Centre, Revival Coffee and Doughnuts is bringing delicious and exciting ‘speciality’ coffee to Hull with ever-growing popularity. Aside from serving a whole host of delicious and artisan Doughnuts, Revival also deals in luscious coffee, designed to amaze anyone fortunate enough to try one of their products.

Instead of offering a stationary coffee menu, Revival’s refreshment options are subject to seasonal changes, and as such provide their customers with ever growing anticipation and excitement. Some of the coffees currently available on their July menu include; Cookie Mocha, French Vanilla Nut, Salted Caramel Iced Coffee (perfect for those new to coffee and seeking something moreish) and a variety of speciality drinks such as ‘My Turmeric Romance’, a healthy and alternative fan favourite.

Revival’s extensive and ever changing menu is complimented by a minimalist décor, making it a unique and atmospheric drinking experience. The establishment’s friendly staff and central location makes it the ideal spot for friends to come and indulge in some of the finest coffee Hull has to offer.

Check out their website: https://www.revivalcoffeeanddonuts.com/

The Dancing Goat Coffee House

554 Beverley Rd, Newland, Hull HU6 7LG

Continuing the trend of eccentrically named coffee shops is The Dancing Goat Coffee House, a charming and comfortable establishment found on Beverley Road. Recipients of The Hull Daily Mail’s ‘Coffee Shop of the Year’ in 2018, The Dancing Goat serves tasty and affordable coffee befitting it’s hype and popularity.

Utilising ‘Tudor Milano Superior Coffee Beans’, the coffee house’s products are infused with Mediterranean flavour and flair, granting them a unmistakable and unique taste that demands return from customers. For a delicious coffee in homely surroundings, The Dancing Goat Coffee House is the perfect place to go.

Check out their website: https://www.dancinggoatcoffeehouse.co.uk/

Urban 44 Coffee Lounge

56 Hull Rd, Hessle HU12 0AN

Found a little further afield in the charming town of Hessle is Urban 44 Coffee Lounge, a trendy and independent family run coffee shop that specialises in Australian coffee. As well as serving a number of recognisable classics (perfect for those newly initiated into the world of coffee) such as Flat Whites and and Lattes, Urban 44 also specialises in more outlandish and experimental coffees, including the Affogato. Serving a ‘hot espresso’ over a ‘scoop creamy ice cream’, the Affogato is a curious but alluring option, sure to solidify Urban 44’s reputation as Hessle’s best coffee lounge.

The establishment’s abundance of seating options, affordable prices, and atmosphere of stylish modernity makes it the perfect place to visit with both friends and family.

Check out their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urban44hessle/

Blondes Coffee Shop

106 King St, Cottingham, East Yorkshire HU16 5QE

This Cottingham based vegan coffee shop offers atmospheric charm and good quality coffee in equal measure, ensuring that it’s customers have a fulfilling and memorable experience. Nestled in the bustling heart of Cottingham village centre, Blondes offers a variety of products including; breakfasts, sandwiches, and jacket potatoes. However it is the establishment’s coffees that have arguably drawn it so much attention, and looking at what they have to offer, it’s easy to see why.

With it’s varied and alluring menu, Blondes exceeds at catering for all customers. The cruelty-free coffee shop offers everything a coffee lover could possibly desire. Americanos, Mochas, a whole separate menu dedicated to Lattes of a rustic and exotic variety, Blondes is undoubtedly one of the East Riding’s finest places to find and try tasty coffee at a reasonable price. Although seating is somewhat limited, the establishments charming interior and welcoming atmosphere makes it the ideal place to have a coffee with a loved one or friend on a summer’s day. Being a vegan establishment, the coffee shop offers a whole host of alternative milks.

Check out their website: http://www.blondescoffeeshop.com/#about

Whether you’re a veteran coffee lover or simply a enthusiast of impressive establishments serving quality refreshments, Hull and the East Riding has an abundance of exciting coffee shops, all worthy of your visit this summer.

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