Crystaline sound bath

About Crystaline sound bath

This 90 minute sound bath will set you up for the perfect Sunday – relaxed and restored.

Perfect for lovers of the crystal singing bowls, this session will be bookended with gentle drumming and twinkly koshi chimes with the majority of the time being focussed on the bowls. There’ll be plenty of time to experience the whole range of sounds from these beautiful instruments, hear the breadth of harmonies and experience the benefits of their frequencies.

We’ll begin with a brief overview of what to expect in the session and a bit more detail about the bowls than I normally go into. Following that, you’ll make yourself comfortable on your yoga mat with any pillows and blankets you’ve brought and you’ll be given a moment to silently set your own intention for the session.

During this time, I will move around the space, playing over and around you to deepen the experience. All you need to do is lay down and listen as I move through the instruments.

At the end, I’ll prompt you to open your eyes and sit up when you feel ready. It can be good to take some deep breaths and do some gentle stretches just to get you moving again, have some water and maybe make some notes about the experience if you’ve brought a notepad. I’ll also make sure there’s time for any questions you might have about the bowls when we finish.

Although many people find sound baths relaxing, they can also be quite intense. Different people respond to sounds in different ways and the instruments are designed to do different things. With crystal bowls, lower notes can be more grounding, but some people find the higher notes much more invigorating – just as some people prefer one instrument over another, some people find a preference for different notes and this can change as things change in our lives.

Laying on the floor on a yoga mat is the most usual way to experience a sound bath as it’s the most relaxing position for most people. However, it is in no way compulsory. Some people prefer to sit with their back against the wall, or in a chair, both of which are perfectly fine. If you need to move or re-adjust during the session, that’s fine too.

For more information, please check out my website

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