Gabby - Open Rehearsal

About Gabby - Open Rehearsal

Hello! You are invited to the first ever open rehearsal of Gabby! Please come help Clem (writer & performer) and Zoey (director extraordinaire) fine-tune a piece of theatre for Edinburgh Fringe ’22!

As it stands, Gabby is an apocalyptic, interactive Judgement Day, comedy-drama for modern day. Our titular character Gabby, a fallen angel, was cast down from heaven and sentenced to live as a ‘Watcher’ on earth, due to her becoming enamoured with a human. That was 10,000 years ago, and now an audience has turned up to judge whether she has done enough to earn her place back in heaven. A ‘Watcher’ is what it says on the tin, Gabby has been watching humans since she was banished from the pearly gates. She has been a witness to the earth heating up and the ice melting, to the corporations taking over the economy and politics, to plastic slowly invading our oceans and to agriculture destroying our rainforests. And now she has her jury in the form of an audience. Has Gabby looked after her new home whilst she’s been here? Has she done enough? Is it even her responsibility? Who will the audience blame? Who will be judged as guilty? She will have 50 minutes to defend her case.

We are at the beginning of the Gabby journey and we need your help to know if the show’s sh*t or ‘alright actually’. The open rehearsal will be conducted in a relaxed atmosphere where your minds can wander and where, once we’ve got through what we need to get through, we will ask for your feedback and/or questions! We’d love to have you! Let’s see what happens ey!

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