Italian Connections Exhibition

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About Italian Connections Exhibition

Italian Connections explores the links between Hull and Italy – from medieval trade, the reformation and subjugation of Catholics, the First World War as allies and the Second World War as the enemy, POWs, the tragedy of the Arandora Star and the immigration of Italians to Hull between 1830s and 1920s.

The Toffolo and Penna families’ relationships with Hull stretch back more than 100 years with their businesses growing to be some of the most recognisable in the city. Their incredible stories chart business highs and lows, and even internment during the Second World War when Winston Churchill ordered that the head of every Italian family living in Britain be interned following Mussolini and Italy declaring their allegiance to Germany.

Please note the exhibition will be closed 10am-11.30am on Monday mornings during term time and all day on Friday 23 March, Friday 27 April, Friday 25 May and Friday 29 June.


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