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About Metropolis

Northern Silents present Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s 1927 futuristic fantasy on the big screen with live piano accompaniment.

It is 2026. In the high-tech city of the future, the rich enjoy a life of luxury while the poor are enslaved underground, in the city’s mechanical underbelly. Tensions build between the subterranean workers and pampered surface-dwellers when the prophet-like Maria, with her subversive message of universal brotherhood, ignites the spark of revolution among the workers. The city’s mastermind, Freder, creates an android version of Maria to re-establish control. But his creation, the robot Maria, cannot be controlled…

Metropolis was a flop when it premiered in 1927, and the film was heavily cut in an attempt to make it more popular. The cut footage was thought lost, until it turned up in Argentina in 2008. Now reunited with its lost thirty minutes, Metropolis is a dazzling classic of silent cinema.

Hull Truck regular Jonny Best will improvise a score at the piano. One of the UK’s leading silent film pianists and the founder of Yorkshire Silent Film Festival, Jonny performs all over the UK as a soloist and with the improvising quartet, Frame Ensemble. Jonny is one of the resident pianists at BFI Southbank.

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