About Rapunz'ull

Middle Child’s rock’n’roll Hull panto returns to Humber Street for its tenth anniversary, with a helter skelter take on the classic fairy tale.

Waltzing wanderer Rapunzel is the heart of Hull Fair, bold as brass and always seeking adventure.

Pattie Breadcake is the fair’s worst fortune teller, forever casting chip spice to predict the future and find a fella.

And mayor Gothel is the wicked goblin who’s locked them both in a tower far, far away.

He plans to bottle Rapunzel’s sorcery and become richer than Bezos, Branson and Mr Burns put together.

But not if the mighty lass with the magic hair and you – the revolutionary people of Hull – have anything to do with it!

With live music, mess galore and the chance to make as much noise as you can, the Middle Child panto returns to Humber Street after four years away.

Includes the return of our late-night shows, where you can leave the kids at home for an alternative Christmas night out.


Thu 16 Dec – 7pm
Fri 17 Dec – 7pm; 10pm
Sat 18 Dec – 3pm (BSL); 6pm (BSL); 9pm (BSL)
Mon 20 Dec – 12pm; 3pm; 6pm
Tue 21 Dec – 3pm; 6pm; 9pm
Wed 22 Dec – 3pm; 6pm; 9pm
Thu 23 Dec – 3pm; 6pm; 9pm
Fri 24 Dec – 11am; 2pm

Event Dates & Times

Thu 16 Dec 2021
Fri 17 Dec 2021
Sat 18 Dec 2021
Sun 19 Dec 2021
Mon 20 Dec 2021
Tue 21 Dec 2021
Wed 22 Dec 2021
Thu 23 Dec 2021
Fri 24 Dec 2021



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