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About Stop Overthinking It - FREE Online Masterclass

“Stop overthinking it!”

How ridiculous is the above statement right? I hated getting told this as if it was something I could just switch off ?

The good news is that you CAN switch it off when you know how and practice, practice, practice.

Firstly, well done for stepping up and wanting to improve the way you think ?

I know how totally frustrating it is to live in your head so much.

These were a few things that consumed my mind

—> I would worry what other people thought about me

—> Overanalyse what they said and try and figure out what they meant by it (freakin’ minefield!)

—> Overanalyse what I said to friends, colleagues, other mums

—> I’d think about my past days at school and feel guilty about anything I did and said

—> I worried about ‘what if’ scenarios and convinced myself that I HAD to work it all out in my head to stop it from happening and believed it would.

—> I worried about my health and thought that if I was thinking about the future worst case scenarios… it must be truly going to happen!

I would even overthink my overthinking!!! “Why am I like this? No one else is like this… why can’t I just be in the moment and enjoy life and enjoy my kids?” omg….

ENOUGH! I decided to learn how my brain worked in relation the thoughts and why it was so easy for me to get stuck in this overthinking pit.

Thankfully I can help you get out of that pit now I know how!

This is what I’ll be covering on the masterclass:

Awareness on how we get sucked into overthinking so you can pull your runaway mind back.

Why you’re worrying about what others think of you and how to skyrocket your self belief

How to change and challenge your thinking to install a more empowered way of thinking

Energy Work: A powerful visualisation technique to let go of those worries playing on your mind.

Unlike a lot of coaches out there I am totally transparent in that I’ll tell you now that I will be opening my Signature ‘Empowered Thinking – Mind Body & Soul group programme on this night.

There is absolutely no obligation to join the group programme. I have jam packed the masterclass so much that you can totally go away and work on these yourself.


If you’re anything like me and you need accountability and shown exactly what to do and how to do it in any given moment and personalised support then absolutely stay tuned for the group programme announcement! So excited!! ?

See you on the 21st! Click below to join the group where I will be going live for the masterclass ?

Remember, you are doing a great job despite not feeling like you are, you don’t have to believe your thoughts!!!

lots of love to you!!

About Laura:

Laura helps women to love themselves and feel empowered by teaching them about their core beliefs, where they come from and coaching them into being their biggest cheerleader.



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