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Exciting new developments coming soon in Hull and East Yorkshire

I am often told that I came to Hull at a peculiar time; I moved here in 2017 during the City of Culture year and have seen our city change considerably since. In a sense, my time here has been marked by continuous development—most of which has been positive—and that continues to be the case today; everywhere I go in Hull and indeed the East Riding, I am met by extensive construction works which leads me to believe that progress is happening everywhere.

In that spirit, this article discusses seven developments coming soon in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Queen’s Gardens

I think I can get away with saying that Queen’s Gardens needs a facelift! Every day, I pass this city centre landmark every day but, sadly, it is increasingly apparent to me that the Gardens are becoming something of a sideshow as opposed to the centre piece that they ought to be. Its many vices include a perennial rat problem; dilapidated and unkempt infrastructure; and serious anti-social behaviour.

Happily, the new plans include the improvement of accessibility and visitor flows; delivery of structural repairs; introduction of bespoke pieces of public art; and improvement of biodiversity and the regeneration of open space. All in all, the future of Queen’s Gardens looks very bright indeed!

Find out more about Queen’s Gardens development >>

Albion Square

I am sure that by now you will have seen the plans for Albion Square, but for the sake of being precise, they entail a £96 million investment that shall create a mixture of residential, office, and retail space, as well as a large urban park (exciting!).

Even better is the news that Alan Boyson’s iconic Three Ships Mural will be preserved (as it ought to be) and incorporated as a key component of the development. I hope you can pardon me the license of speculation but I have every hope and desire that this Albion Square development will breathe new life into King Edward Street and George Street both of which strike me as places of enormous potential courtesy of their location and formerly-prestigious buildings.

Read more about the Albion Square development here >>

Kings Buildings

In all honestly, the Kings Building development is something I stumbled upon by chance yet it captured my attention immediately because of the luxurious character of the proposed apartments which, all being well, will complement the Grade II listed Kings Buildings nicely.

According to the plans, Kings will feature twenty-four unique apartments and penthouses that will benefit from huge windows; high ceilings; architectural cove mood lighting; and stunning views of our city’s skyline.

Given that I am something of a history geek, I was intrigued by the history of Kings Buildings and to my delight found that it was built sometime between 1866 and 1875 and has since housed Hull Telephones Club; a shopping arcade; a market; and more recently, a nightclub.

On the strength of history such as that as well as the development plans, this will be a home of royal proportions (pardon the pun) and welcome addition to our city’s burgeoning city-centre housing stock.

Read more about the Kings Building development here >>

Guildhall Greenwich Time Ball

For what seems like an age, scaffolding has adorned the Guildhall’s eastern wing as the historic Greenwich time ball is being brought back into action courtesy of a £452,000 makeover of the Guildhall’s clock tower.

Interestingly, the time ball was last used in 1922 and was used to show the time to shops on the Humber and River Hull by dropping down a pole at a specific time. Sadly, I was led to believe that the works were meant to have been completed by now but as with most bureaucrat-led enterprises, one can only for a swift completion. That being said, the plans do look outstanding and when completed, the Greenwich time ball will be a remarkable aesthetic and cultural addition to our city’s skyline.

Read more about the development here >>

Harland Park

I spent a very enjoyable year at The Lawns in Cottingham during my first year of university and regularly enjoyed strolls through the town whose charm I could not resist.

Looking back, I was particularly fond of Harland Way and eastern Cottingham where I enjoyed unrivaled views of our city and had the enviable option of slipping into Beverley via the Westwood. Strangely, this is where Harland Park is being built, a housing development consisting of three and four-bedroom homes ranging in value from £330,000 to £540,000.

Happily, there is a wide range of property types — all of which look fantastic — although, my eyes were drawn to the Winstone, which is a four-bedroom property with an elegant entrance hall; stylish open-plan kitchen; separate dining room; useful study; and a generous lounge equipped with French doors.

Additionally, Harland Park benefits from its close proximity to three schools; excellent transport links; and a suite of essential amenities.

Read more about the development here >>

A63 Castle Street

Only yesterday I was walking over the magnificent Castle Street Footbridge and asked myself what work they are doing below which, apart from being ironic, meant I was relieved to find out that a new junction is being created on A63 Castle Street, at the cost of £355 million, to relieve congestion as well improve safety and access to the Port of Hull.

Now, to be clear, I described myself as relieved because Hull, being a port city, has enormous maritime potential which can (and should) be translated into success on land and greater access to the Port of Hull is the best way to enable said success. In that sense, the A63 Castle Street development could easily be one of the may geneses of our city’s regeneration.

Read more about the A63 development here >>

Freetown Way

Just last week it was announced by Hull City Council that Freetown Way is to be reinstated as a dual-carriageway and that an off-road cycle path is to be created which means we can wave goodbye to Freetown’s ever-unpopular bollards and cycle lanes.

This came as welcome news because as a regular user of our city’s cycle lanes, I can safely say that they are not fit for purpose as they are often confusing and, sadly, provoke drivers to the point of carelessness as well as recklessness. However, concerns remain regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of our city’s bus lanes, and these need to be addressed to ensure safe roads for everyone.

Read more about the development here >>

Hull is a city on the up! Over £10 billion has been invested into the city for regeneration in the last 10 years which is transforming Hull into an amazing destination to live, work and visit. We’ve got the latest news on all regeneration projects taking place in Hull right now >>

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