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Finest chocolate treats in Hull & East Yorkshire



When it comes to chocolate, who needs an excuse to indulge, hey? Rather than the usual chocolate bar from the shops, why not have a real treat and try some of the finest chocolate treats Hull and East Yorkshire have to offer?

Whether you’re a connoisseur of artisanal chocolates, a lover of rich, gooey brownies, or simply in need of a decadent hot chocolate, our region boasts a fantastic array of spots to satisfy your sweet tooth.

From well-known favourites to hidden gems, here are our top recommendations for where to find the best chocolate treats in Hull and East Yorkshire!

Cocoa Chocolatier & Bakehouse

Location: Trinity Market, Trinity House Lane, Hull

Nestled in Trinity Market, Cocoa Chocolatier & Bakehouse is a gem for chocolate lovers. Known for their artisanal chocolates and delicious baked goods, this shop offers a delightful selection of treats. Whether you’re after a rich chocolate brownie or a box of exquisite truffles, Cocoa Chocolatier has you covered.

42nd East Bakehouse

Location: St Stephens Centre, Hull HU2 8LN

42nd East Bakehouse in St Stephens Centre is a haven for those who love freshly baked goods and chocolate treats. This bakery is famous for its rich and gooey brownies, delicious cookies, and creative chocolate-based desserts. Perfect for a sweet pick-me-up while shopping, 42nd East Bakehouse is an essential stop for anyone looking to try chocolate with a touch of New York-inspired flair.


Location: Unit 12, Paragon Arcade, Hull

Milchig, located in Paragon Arcade, offers a fantastic selection of chocolatey delights in a charming setting. This coffee shop is perfect for enjoying a rich hot chocolate or a slice of chocolate cake. Their friendly atmosphere and delicious treats make it a great spot.

Heavenly Desserts

Location: 48-50 Paragon Street, Hull

Heavenly Desserts on Paragon Street is a must-visit for chocolate lovers. Known for its luxurious and beautifully presented desserts, this spot offers an array of chocolatey delights! From indulgent brownie explosions to the decadent sea salt caramel chocolate tart and the warm brownie, salted caramel & banana sundae, Heavenly Desserts promises a memorable and delicious experience for all chocolate enthusiasts.

Hotel Chocolat

Locations: Beverley and Anlaby

Hotel Chocolat is renowned for its luxurious and innovative chocolate creations. With shops in both Beverley and Anlaby, it’s a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth. From classic truffles to unique flavour combinations, you’ll find a wide array of high-quality chocolates.


Location: St Stephens Shopping Centre, Hull

Batch’d is a popular bakery in St Stephens Shopping Centre, known for its delectable baked goods. Their chocolate offerings are no exception, with everything from gooey brownies to chocolate-covered treats. The quality and flavour make Batch’d a go-to for satisfying your chocolate cravings.

White Gables Confectionery

Location: Online only with local delivery

Specialising in handmade, award-winning vegan chocolates, White Gables Confectionery offers a range of dairy, gluten, and soya-free options. Their commitment to quality and hygiene (5-star rating) ensures that every bite is a pure indulgence. Perfect for those with dietary restrictions or anyone looking for exceptional vegan chocolate.

Gemini Chocolate

Location: 33 N Bar Within, Beverley

Gemini Chocolate in Beverley is a small but mighty chocolate factory known for its beautiful range of chocolates. The knowledgeable and friendly staff ensure a delightful experience, whether you’re purchasing gifts or treating yourself. Their artisanal approach guarantees top-quality chocolate every time.

TC Patisserie

Location: 10 Lairgate, Beverley

TC Patisserie on Lairgate is a patisserie with a strong reputation for its delicious baked goods and chocolates. Perfect for a special treat or a gift, their chocolate offerings are crafted with precision and passion. This patisserie brings a touch of French elegance to Beverley.

Fat Gecko Bakery

Location: Cottingham (Online only with local delivery)

Fat Gecko Bakery in Cottingham may be small, but it delivers big on flavour. Known for its excellent baked goods, their chocolate treats are no exception. From decadent brownies to delightful chocolate pastries, this bakery is a hidden gem worth discovering.


Location: Cottingham

Blondes in Cottingham is a vegan coffee shop that offers a fantastic range of chocolate treats. Their commitment to plant-based goodness ensures that every bite is both delicious and ethical. From vegan chocolate cakes to rich hot chocolate, Blondes is a perfect spot to indulge guilt-free.

Pera Chocolate & Cafe

Location: 81 Newland Ave, Hull

Pera Chocolate & Cafe on Newland Avenue is a haven for chocolate aficionados. With a perfect blend of a cosy cafe atmosphere and a chocolate shop, it’s the ideal spot to enjoy a hot chocolate or pick up some decadent treats. Their handcrafted chocolates are a must-try, making Pera a standout destination for chocolate delights.

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