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Fitness Videos to Help Keep Children Healthy During Lockdown



You’re at home with kids during the lockdown, and exercise is a distant memory. It’s time to change that with these child-friendly fitness videos. There is a wide range of accessible and fun home workout videos for children of all ages. Some of the videos show live. It’s time to get fit, have fun, and exhaust your little ones for free from the comfort of your own home.

Joe Wicks

Joe has taken it upon himself to get children in the UK moving. He is streaming live PE classes every weekday and thousands of children and their parents are getting involved. His lessons air on his YouTube channel, The Body Coach, at 9 am. The classes stream under the header P.E With Joe, last 30 minutes, are suitable for people of all fitness levels and include activities like jogging on the spot, dynamic scratches and shadow boxing. Joe’s classes are fun, free, and a great way to keep your children active during the lockdown. 

Shake Break

Shake Break is quite simply the most ridiculous collection of workout and music videos ever. The fact it is so silly might explain why the channel is such a hit with over a million subscribers and over a billion views. It’s probably the most absurd way to get your children jumping around the house. The videos include a variety of movements such as shaking, jumping, twisting, touching your knees and pretending to be a fish. If you want to keep your children active and entertain them at the same time, then this channel is for you. 

Debbie Doo Kids TV

Debbie Doo Kids TV is also incredibly popular with over a million subscribers and over a billion views. If you visit Debbie Doo you can find the most cheerful and colourful workout videos imaginable. They can be relatively long and are more intense than many other children’s workout videos. The videos combine fun themes, with singing, cardiovascular activity, and dance. If your children have a lot of energy to burn then these videos are perfect for you.

Move To Learn

These cardiovascular and dance videos are for older primary school children. The videos are fast-paced, rhythmic and encouraging. Move To Learn is less cheesy than other workout videos for children and has genuinely catchy music. The background music is so good you’ll probably find yourself joining in before you know it. Your children will be exhausted in no time with these energetic videos.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a yoga, relaxation and meditation channel that is ideal for younger children. It’s popular with over 500,000 subscribers and over 100,000,000 total views. The videos are colourful and slightly strange. Many of the videos are story-based so that children improve their flexibility, balance, strength and fitness without knowing it. Almost all the videos are themed, and popular films like Frozen inspire some of them. Cosmic Kids Yoga is well worth a look for more anxious or agitated little ones. 

Fitness Blender Kids Workout

The Fitness Blender Kids Workout is a fun and straightforward workout video for children. The workout involves three child-friendly games in short intervals. Designed to build bone density, balance and strength and therefore, the exercise video is fun instead of draining. The video is 25 minutes long, is a total body workout, doesn’t require equipment and is suitable for children aged three and up. The video is perfect if you want to combine exercise with play.

Get Fit Today

Keeping your little ones fit and healthy during lockdown is quick, free and easy. It doesn’t matter if your little ones are young and silly or older and more serious, there’s something for everyone, so start a routine and get fit in the lockdown with your children today. 

For more ideas to keep your children busy, check out this article on celebrity home learning for children.

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