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5 healthier takeaways to try in Hull this January



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After the indulgent revelries of the festive period it’s natural that people should want to find some healthier ways of living, for a month at least! This is one of the reasons as to why dry January and Veganuary exist; a chance for people not only to live healthier, but for them to try something new.

The notion of a healthy takeaway might seem a little contradictory, but all over Hull and East Yorkshire, a number of establishments and eateries are starting to cater their takeaway food towards healthier, more nutritional food, which still retains that element of taste and mischief which comes with having ordered a takeaway.

With this in mind, here are a handful of places in the local area which offer healthier, yet delicious takeaway food!



237 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2EJ

Locally renowned for it’s delicious homemade Italian food and air of hospitality, Ponti is one of Hull’s’ most charming and best loved coffee shops, situated at the top of one of the cities most bustling social hubs, Newland Avenue.

In addition to it’s friendly staff and atmosphere of comfort, Ponti also boasts an impressive takeaway menu that is sure to impress any hungry customer! Serving everything from freshly made pastries (all made using the highest quality ingredients) to delicious paninis and sandwiches- brimming with tomatoes, avocado, and pastrami, Ponti is a standout example of how takeaway food can walk the line between health and indulgence.

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Sun 6 Feb @ 4:00pm – 11:00pm

Doner Summer Hull

13 King St, Hull HU1 2JJ

Those that are participating in Veganuary will be happy to know that the city of Hull boasts a takeaway that is both delicious and healthy! Doner Summer, situated in the very heart of Hull’s old town, a stone’s throw away from Trinity Market, is rapidly becoming one of the local area’s most popular eateries, and looking at what they have on offer, it comes as no surpise! Self styled as ‘Vegan Junk Food’, Doner Summer serve everything from delicious kebabs and ‘buttermylk chicken’, to tasty teller trays and a variety of indulgent sides. Doner Summer is the perfect choice for those in need of a takeaway that is both satisfying and healthy.



49 Saville St, Hull, HU1 3EA

J-Jays are passionate about freshly made, healthy food which also caters for all your indulgent needs, leading them to devise a takeaway menu which combines all of these elements successfully.

With an extensive and varied menu that features everything from healthy, delicious bagels, to main meals and brunch, J-Jays are capable of accommodating everyone and anyone, regardless of your culinary inclinations.

Some of their most popular and sought after dishes are as follows; Sausage and asparagus frittata, saucy beans and egg, goats cheese and pickled beetroot bagel, and their delicious Mongolian beef, generously loaded with broccoli. J Jays exemplifies health and nutrition, but also recognises that food needs to be tasty and interesting, making it an impressive establishment that warrants a visit!



216 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2ND

This independent Vegan/Vegetarian takeaway deli is not only one of the local area’s most promising eateries, but a personal favourite of mine.

Situated on Newland Avenue and amongst the hustle and bustle of the street, Barleys is a charming and atmospheric establishment whose artistic décor, friendly staff, and variety of delicious food makes it well worth a visit.

Like the other establishments featured on this list, Barleys manages to balance health and taste in equal proportion, allowing customers to indulge in delicious food, whilst also being aware that the ingredients used are fresh and nutritional. Some of their most sought after and popular dishes are as follows; The Caesar, No-egg sandwich, and their outstanding salad boxes which are subject to change nearly everyday.


The Falafia

Trinity Market, Hull HU1 2JH

Trinity Market is never short of wonderful places to eat and drink, and The Falafia is without a doubt one of it’s most popular establishments.

Serving everything from falafel (who’d have guessed it), to wraps, to delicious loaded fries (topped with pickles and beetroot salad) and salad boxes, The Falafia espouse nutrition and health in the dishes that they diligently provide to the public.

The Falafia is the perfect place to come if you’re seeking quick and easy food which promises to walk the line between taste and health faultlessly.

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