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Hull and East Yorkshire’s best meat-free restaurants to try this Veganuary



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Every day more and more people are turning to meat-free options, and in recent years January has become a time in which people experiment with vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Now that the hectic festive period has come to an end and the country is largely free of coronavirus restrictions, there’s no better time to go out and try some of the meat-free delicacies on offer in the local area. Thankfully Hull and East Yorkshire boasts a number of impressive vegan and vegetarian eateries, welcoming establishments which are sure to satisfy any hungry customer. For those of you that are interested in what these establishments have to offer, here is a guide to some of the local area’s finest meat-free restaurants and eateries.

Zoo Cafe

80 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 3AB

In recent years Zoo’s popularity amongst local customers has skyrocketed, and given the establishment’s wealth of delicious meat-free food, welcoming staff, and general atmosphere of hospitality, it comes as no surprise. Tucked away neatly off Newland Avenue, one of the cities most popular places to eat, drink, and socialise, Zoo is an eatery like no other: serving everything from breakfast and pizza to shakshouka and falafel, with everything being homemade and generously priced. The establishment’s diverse menu makes it perfect for large groups of friends or families with different culinary inclinations. Even the most obstinate of meat eaters will find something to love at Zoo.


Doner Summer

13 King St, Hull HU1 2JJ

With multiple restaurants all over the country, Doner Sumer is one of the U.K.’s best loved and most popular meat-free eateries, and with the number of vegetarians and vegans on the rise, the establishment is sure to keep growing from strength to strength. Thankfully Hull has been blessed with it’s own restaurant, situated in Trinity Market and overlooking the minster, in one of the cities most scenic areas. Those sceptical of meat substitutes need only try Doner Summer’s delicious meat-free fried chicken to have their worries set aside, made using the finest ingredients and seasoned to perfection. Some of their standout vegetarian and vegan options are as follows: Garlic Chilli Chick’n Teller, Berlin Doner Kebab, Nashville Hot Kebab, and their delicious Buttermylk Fried Chick’n! For irresistible meat-free food at an affordable price, Doner Summer is perfect.

Hitchcock’s Vegetarian Restaurant

1 Bishop Ln, Hull HU1 1PA

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Sun 6 Feb @ 4:00pm – 11:00pm

Thanks to it’s ‘eclectic global cuisine’ and fascinating décor Hitchcock’s has become one of Hull’s most popular meat-free restaurants. A few minutes walk from Doner Summer, nestled in the heart of the cities old town amongst the cobbled streets and oldy-worldy pubs, Hitchcock’s delivers on atmosphere just as much as does on delicious, homemade cuisine. With it’s emphasis on intimacy and conversation, Hitchcock’s is also one of the best places in Hull to come and socialise, be it with a partner, family, or friends.

Food at Hitchcock’s is served buffet style, allowing customers to refill their plates as much as they like. A number of sample menus are available on their website, which also includes information regarding how and when to book.



216 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2ND

Barleys has appeared on a number of articles here on Hull What’s On, and for good reason. The meat-free eatery has garnered a loyal following ever since its opening, and given it’s wealth of delicious food, friendly staff, and homely atmosphere, it’s easy to see why. Situated at the top of Newland Avenue, Barleys serves everything from sausage rolls and sandwiches to salad boxes and sweet treats, making it an establishment of culinary diversity. Like many of the other eateries featured on this list, Barleys specialise in both meat substitutes and plant based dishes, using only the finest ingredients in everything they make. For a delicious meat-free lunch in cosy surroundings, Barleys is ideal!

Blondes Cruelty-Free Eatery

106 King St, Cottingham HU16 5QE


Situated in the village of Cottingham, Blondes is one of the local area’s most respected meat-free establishments, and has been diligently serving hungry customers for years. With it’s cosy, farm shop style interior, hospitable staff, and wealth of tasty food, it’s no wonder that Blondes is a wildly popular place for people to eat, drink, and converse. In addition to serving up freshly cooked vegetarian and vegan food, the establishment also serves a number of other, shelved products, including chocolate, sweets, and pasta, all of which can be had at a reasonable price. Some of the establishments best loved dishes are as follows: Meatball, tomato, and cheese melt, cheese and onion marmalade jacket potato, BBQ chicken sandwiches, and sweet treats of every possible variety!


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