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Hull City Council share new information on Chapman Street Bridge restoration

Because of its poor condition, Chapman Street Bridge, also known as Sculcoates Bridge, has been closed to traffic since 2020, with only the north footpath remaining open. The last major update to the project came in July of 2022, when structural surveys took place to inform a feasibility study on options to refurbish and reopen the bridge, which links the Wincolmlee industrial estate to the east side of the river.

A more recent update has been given, however. As part of a freedom of information request, the Council issued this statement on the 7th of June 2023:

‘The concept design phase is currently underway and is expected to be
completed by September 2023.  This will be followed by the detailed design
phase, followed by site works. Barring any slippage it is anticipated that
the bridge will be completed by quarter 3 of 2025

The concept design phase is a critical stage where architects, engineers, and planners collaborate to develop the overall vision and blueprint for the bridge. This process involves a comprehensive study of the site, exploration of various design alternatives, feasibility analyses, and the integration of functional requirements.

Once the concept design phase has been finalized, the next stage is the detailed design phase. This crucial step will refine the initial concepts into executable plans, focusing on the intricate engineering details, materials, structural calculations, and construction methods. The detailed design will translate the vision into a comprehensive set of construction documents that contractors will use to build the bridge, ensuring that all elements align with regulations, standards, and the project’s overall objectives.

After the detailed design has been approved, the construction will move into the site works phase. During this stage, groundwork will be laid to prepare the site for construction. This includes excavation, laying foundations, establishing access routes, and other essential preparations to enable a smooth construction process.

Barring any unexpected delays or issues, known as ‘slippage’ in project management terms, the bridge is anticipated to be ready for use by the third quarter of 2025.

In 2022 Mark Jones, Hull City Council’s Director of Regeneration, said: “Chapman Street Bridge has been closed for a long time now and we know that everyone is keen to see it open again as soon as possible.”

“Built in 1874, it is the oldest bridge in Hull, and this work is a vital part of our plans to restore it to its former glory and bring it back into use.”

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