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Hull’s independent alternatives to Wagamama, Five Guys & TGI Fridays

For years, many Hullensians have been crying out for certain national restaurant chains to set up in Hull. Residents across social media, forums and even Princes Quay have been asking who we’d like to see in our great city.

Now Hull & East Yorkshire isn’t short of some really good, franchised culinary establishments. Nandos, Papa John’s and even Taco Bell (a previously popular request) have joined the local scene in recent years.

However, we have an abundance of brilliant independent eateries that we absolutely love! The quality, flavours and choice combined with local, friendly staff make them the perfect places to dine out.

After asking our own readers recently about which national chains they’d like to see come to Hull, by far, the top three most popular requests were Wagamamas, Five Guys and TGI Fridays. (Incidentally, Hull may be soon receiving its own Five Guys: read more here.)

So with this in mind, we thought we’d give you some brilliant independent alternatives to these big names, so you can get your flavour fix right now, and support a great local restaurant at the same time.

Hull’s independent alternatives to Wagamama

Wagamama has been a popular request amongst Hullensians for many years. Various click-bait articles from the ‘local paper’ have stirred up some false hope in the last few years, but Wagamama Hull seems further away than ever right now.

The nearest Wagamamas are York, Leeds and Sheffield, but trust us when we say that we don’t need it! Hull & East Yorkshire has some brilliant alternatives, and here’s what we recommend.

Oishii Ne

17, Paragon Arcade, Hull HU1 3PQ

Situated in Hull’s atmospheric and picturesque Paragon Arcade, Oishii Ne is a fantastic eatery specialising specifically in Japanese cuisine. Serving up everything from sushi and ramen to pork and fried chicken, Oishii Ne pride themselves on producing good-quality, authentic Asian cuisine.

Currently, Oishii Ne don’t offer a delivery service, making them eat-in or takeaway only. Despite this though, it’s a fantastic alternative if you’re already in town, or feeling like going out for food.

| Facebook |


36 Cottingham Rd, Newland, Hull HU6 7RA

Sashimi, or Hull Sashimi, is Hull’s premier option when it comes to Japanese cuisine. They have a huge selection of options, covering almost all the bases of Japanese food, from basics like sushi, gyoza, and ramen to less common offerings like takoyaki, grilled eel, and mochi.

They offer delivery and takeaway too so you can enjoy their amazing food from the comfort of home, just like Wagas.

| Website |

Sumo Pan Asian

Unit B, 12a Flemingate, Beverley HU17 0EE
40 Prestongate, Hessle HU13 0RE

With restaurants in both Hessle and Beverley, Sumo Pan Asian is one of East Yorkshire’s most successful establishments championing Asian cuisine. Covering everything from Korean and Japanese dishes to Chinese dishes; Sumo Pan Asian can accommodate anyone and everyone. With its generous prices and air of authenticity, Sumo Pan Asian is a brilliant alternative option to Wagamama’s.

| Website |

Hull’s independent alternatives to Five Guys

Five Guys has taken the UK by storm since it came here from the USA in 2013. Now Five Guys does make very, very nice burgers and milkshakes, but the nearest locations are Castleford, York, Leeds and Sheffield. Planning permissions have been sought to build Hull’s first Five Guys, but do we need one? Check out these amazing independent alternatives created right here in Hull.

Dope Burger

556 Beverley Rd, Newland, Hull HU6 7LG & 18 Witham, Hull HU9 1BY

With its wealth of decadent burgers and delicious fries, Dope Burger is Hull’s very own independent answer to Five Guys, and one of Hull’s most sought-after indulgent treats! Ever since its establishment Dope Burger has been renowned for its generous prices and wealth of American-inspired cuisine: Fried chicken, hot dogs, loaded fries, Dope Burger ensures that there’s something for everyone.

| Website |

Five Bites

Unit 2, Roebank Arcade, Bodmin Rd, Hull HU7 4HE

Rivalling Dope Burger in tempting decadence is Hull’s very own Five Bites, a brilliant independent alternative to Five Guys. Serving up everything from burgers and loaded fries to fried chicken, this takeaway ensures its customers don’t go hungry! In addition to its delicious food, Five Bites also boasts generous prices and friendly staff!

| Website |

Hull’s independent alternatives to TGI Fridays

TGI’s have been in the UK since the 80s after its success in New York in the 60s and 70s. The American-themed bar & restaurant is probably the most repeated request from many Hullensians who love American steaks, ribs, burgers and chicken.

With the nearest locations being at least an hour away in Doncaster, Lincoln and Leeds, we can highly recommend these brilliant alternatives that are already in Hull.


158 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2NN

One of Newland Avenue’s latest culinary additions, Roadhouse is also an exceptional independent alternative to TGI Fridays!

Proclaiming itself to be Hull’s only smokehouse, this American-inspired establishment serves the usual TGI favourites like burgers, steaks and ribs, but with the smokey taste of the American South… it tastes amazing! They also serve up American brunch (late breakfast) dishes like Pancakes and Waffles with Syrup and Bacon.

For delicious food at a generous price from a local independent business, Roadhouse is one of the best alternatives!

| Website |

Beverley Hills Diner & Bar

Flemingate, Unit 31 Chantry Ln, Beverley HU17 0PW

Beverley Hills Diner & Bar is Flemingate’s newest addition, drawing inspiration from classic American diners. Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of Flemingate, this Hollywood-inspired diner and bar provides a modern, classy spin on the traditional American eatery.

With its stylish ambience, fantastic food, and exceptional service, it’s a go-to spot for a slice of the American dream, and a top alternative to TGIs.

| Website |

Red’s True BBQ

30G Princes Dock St, Hull HU1 2PQ

Though not technically an independent establishment, Red’s True BBQ, in collaboration with Brewdog, is one of the newest culinary establishments to set itself up in Hull, and brought with it everything you could possibly want and more in an alternative to TGI Fridays- stacked burgers, delicious fries, and tasty chicken- well worth a visit for anyone in need of some comfort food!

| Website |

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