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Incredible New Films Coming To Sky Cinema In July 2020



It’s time to enhance your summer evenings with these brilliant new films to watch on Sky Cinema. There’s something for everyone from family musicals to horror, so see something new today.

Frozen II (2019)

A catchy musical that will have you singing along in no time, Frozen II follows Elsa and her group as they venture beyond Arendelle, try to uncover the origin of Elsa’s powers and save the kingdom after Elsa starts hearing a mysterious voice. The film is funny, with stunning visuals and an intriguing story. It has a 77% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is well worth a look on Sky Cinema on the 3rd of July.

(Walt Disney Pictures)

Buffaloed (2019)

Buffaloed is an American comedy-drama that follows a woman named Peg who becomes a debt collector in a desperate attempt to escape Buffalo after she accrues a considerable debt. The film has favourable reviews and critics praise the characterisation and performance of Peg. If you’re looking for a fun and effervescent comedy, watch Buffaloed on Sky Cinema on July 6th.

(Lost City/Magnolia Pictures)

IT: Chapter Two (2019)

A supernatural horror film that isn’t for the fainthearted, IT: Chapter Two details the return of Pennywise as he once again terrorises the town of Derry as the members of the Losers Club reunite and strive to defeat the evil entity. Critics praise the film for its faithful adaption of the source material and its excellent cast. Catch IT: Chapter Two on the 10th of July on Sky Cinema.

(New Line Cinema/Warner Bros)

Bad Education (2019)

Bad Education is an American dark comedy which is set in a Long Island village named Roslyn and follows Dr Frank Tassone and Pam Gluckin who steal millions of dollars from a school district which they are working to improve. The film has an approval rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 7.65. If a comedy that combines belly laughs with a worthy message is up-your-street, then watch Bad Education on July 11th.

(Automatik/HBO Films)

Ad Astra (2019)

Ad Astra is a science fiction drama centred on an astronaut who goes in search of his father whose experiments cause power surges that threaten the solar system. The film is highly rated, and critics praise it for its visuals and Brad Pitt’s performances. If you’re looking for a thoughtful sci-fi movie with a human touch, then check out Ad Astra on Sky Cinema on July 17th.

(Regency Enterprises/20th Century Fox)

Luce (2019)

An American social thriller film which follows a liberal couple who are forced to reconsider their view of their adopted son after he writes a disturbing essay for his class at school. Luce has positive reviews and critics praise its performances and intricate thought-provoking story. You can watch Luce on the 19th of July on Sky Cinema.

(Dream Factory Group/NEON)

Watch Something New Today

Wash the boredom away, grab a drink and get comfy because it’s time to spice up your life with some stellar new films. Head to Sky Cinema and watch something incredible now.

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