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Influence Your Lockdown Cooking With These Food Bloggers



Picture this – you’re on nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19, meaning that all restaurants have shut their doors. Even the 24 hours, money making machine, biggest global giant, McDonalds is shut. And whilst many local restaurants are offering a pick up/contactless delivery service, it’s always a good idea to get your kitchen game up and whilst we’re in lockdown, now would be the perfect time.

Online recipes and subscriptions boxes are a great way to get started with something new in the kitchen. However, I like many people who enjoy cooking alongside someone. Luckily, in the streaming era, there’s a plethora of online cooks to help spice up the kitchen.

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Here’s our list of food YouTubers to help influence your lockdown cooking.

Binging With Babish

Binging With Babish was created in February 2016 by American filmmaker Andrew Rea, alias Oliver Babish, which recreates recipes featured in film, television, and video games. His videos are of very high quality with Babish’s witty commentary over the top explaining what he’s doing. He recreates recipes from all your favourite movies and shows and then suggests an alternative which is often a more realistic version.

He also has a series called Basics With Babish which covers…the basics. So if you’re a beginner and a seasoned chef, this channel could help you whip up something new during lockdown.

Julien Solomita

Some may know Julien Solomita as the boyfriend of Jenna Marbles, however his own YouTube channel is an absolute treat – especially if you’re vegan/gluten free. Whilst Julien has a range of variety lifestyle videos, including cute videos of his dogs, his main focus is cooking. 

What’s quite unique about his channel is he tries to recreate junk food and make it vegan/gluten free – a god send to those people who subscribe to those lifestyles. His videos are super relaxed and sometimes off the cuff. The perfect person to cook alongside if you don’t want to take it too seriously.

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BOSH.TV is another wonderful channel to follow if you’re plant based, or even subscribing to meat free mondays. BOSH.TV dedicate themselves to showing the world just how easy it can be to eat plants and thus their inventive food creations reached more than half a billion people in just their first year.

Whilst you can find BOSH.TV on YouTube, you can also catch their ITV show Living On The Veg. Their high quality videos are a great way to get into plant-based cooking whether you want to give it a try or are a fully fledged vegan – give it a go!


You may recognise Goodful from Buzzfeed videos in your Facebook Newsfeed – they’re pretty addictive. Goodful is like Buzzfeed’s other brand, Tasty, with a slightly healthier mentality.

Popular videos on their channel include vegan substitute tests, food challenges, meal preparation, health awareness and healthy recipes. Perfect for being stuck inside all day!


Grackle is slightly more relaxed than the rest of the channels mentioned. Her videos are more lifestyle based, but offer great insight into the life and cooking of a semi-professional baker.

Grackle’s channel includes videos of trying wacky and weird recipes from across the internet and the outcome is usually very entertaining. As well as this, she offers insights into how to meal prep alongside many many baking videos.

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