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New eye-catching exhibition opens at PAC



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A diverse collection of mixed medium artworks has gone on display at Pocklington Arts Centre as the award-winning venue opens its 2022 season of exhibitions.

‘A New Way of Looking’, featuring a range of works including watercolours, acrylics, and lino prints, by Pocklington artist Peter Schoenecker has opened in PAC’s studio and runs until Saturday 19 February.

Former graphic designer Peter is inspired by the textures and lighting on the landscapes and seascapes in and around his Yorkshire home.

He has painted since he was a child and after mainly working in print and graphics during his professional career, retirement has allowed him to pursue more of an interest in fine art whilst also offering a chance to experiment with a variety of techniques.

“My aim is usually to create a mood or atmosphere using colour or black and white. All the mediums are enjoyable to work in and switching between them keeps me interested and innovative, hopefully bringing a freshness to the work,” Peter said.

Peter often combines more than one medium in one piece, with for example a set of acrylic paintings on perspex being amongst his favourite in the exhibition.

“I really enjoyed creating the three acrylics on Perspex works as this was a new technique for me and one that I feel has many possibilities,” he said.

“By using multilayers, new landscapes reveal themselves with the same mood as the original, but more abstract and with a life of their own,” he added.

The exhibition is free to view, during the venue’s opening hours only, and Peter wants visitors to leave feeling inspired.

“Hopefully visitors will take a little time to look more closely into the pictures to see some of the details and perhaps see how they have been created. I also hope that they leave inspired to try something different and not stay locked into one medium or style, to be open to learning and trying something new,” he said.

For further information about the exhibition plus PAC’s current opening times visit www.pocklingtonartsncetre.co.uk or call the Box Office on 01759 301547.

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