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REVIEW: The Play That Goes Wrong will have you aching with laughter at Hull New Theatre



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Get into your seat as early as possible this week as Playing at Hull New Theatre this week is the play which you will ‘belly laugh’ at all evening. 

The Play That Goes Wrong is a play within a play in that the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society puts on the play Murder at Haversham Manor, or at least they try to. 

Why do you need to get to your seat early?  If you don’t you will miss the fun of the cast looking for a lost dog ‘Winston’ and running around the auditorium. Additionally, a poor audience member is dragged on stage to help with the final preparations of the set. The game audience member gets a well-deserved round of applause.

This production by Mischief Theatre is a masterpiece of comic timing. With the cast ‘improvising’ mistakes with props not put out and parts of the set collapsing on them; how no-one is injured is testament to the brilliant direction of this production. There’s lots of old-fashioned slap-stick comedy with cast members bumping into scenery and being behind doors as they are opened with force.  

All of the cast members were brilliant (including Trevor on lighting and I am so relieved he found his Duran Duran CD set). They all interacted with one another superbly and received great applause throughout as each ‘disaster’ unfolded with the set and script. Particularly brilliant was how the set collapsed in parts around the cast .

If you want an old-fashioned night’s entertainment where you will laugh all night then get to Hull New Theatre this week. You won’t be disappointed, you will have a brilliant time. This is definitely a 5 STAR PRODUCTION.

PS. The auditorium is air conditioned so nice and cool.

The Play That Goes Wrong is running at Hull New Theatre until Saturday 23 July. Tickets start from £18.50 and can be found at hulltheatres.co.uk or 01482 300 306.

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