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School of Rock cast announced for upcoming Hull New Theatre shows



The pupils of School of Rock are ready to start a new term at Hull New Theatre from 7 – 18 September 2021 when Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End smash hit premieres its first ever UK and Ireland tour at the venue.

Jake Sharp

Taking their first lesson and field trip to the top of Mount Rock is Jake Sharp who will once again take on the leading role of Dewey Finn (made iconic by Jack Black in the sensational film) having previously performed as the lead in the West End, with Alex Tomkins taking on the role for select performances.

They are joined by Rebecca Lock as uptight headmistress Rosalie Mullins, Matthew Rowland as Ned Schneebly and Nadia Violet Johnson as Patty Di Marco. The remaining adult cast include Ryan Bearpark, James Bisp, Joanna O’Hare, Samuel Haughton, Tom Hext, Harveen Mann, Richard Morse, Annell Odartey, Amy Oxley, Helena Pipe, Michaela Powell, Richard Vorster and Craig Watson.

One of three incredibly talented teams of twelve children will perform live alongside Dewey each night and are currently getting ready to stick it to the man when the bell rings for the new school term at Hull New theatre in September. 

Freddy will be played by Eva McGrath (13 years old from Birmingham), Emerson Sutton (13 years old from the West Midlands), Thomas Harvey (12 years old from Cheshire) and Isaac Forward (12 years old from Buckinghamshire).

Katie will be played by Chloe Marler (ten years old from Essex), Marikit Akiwumi (12 years old from Guildford), Daisy Hanna (13 years old from Surrey) and Ivy Balcombe (nine years old from Surrey).

Lawrence will be played by Oliver Forde (12 years old from London), Angus McDougall (13 years old from Buckinghamshire), David Gluhovsky (12 years old from London) and Oliver Pearce (11 years old from North Wales).

Zack will be played by Joseph Sheppard (12 years old from the West Midlands), Harry Churchill (nine years old from Devon), Hanley Webb (ten years old from Northamptonshire) and William Laborde (12 years old from Surrey).

Billy will be played by Wilf Cooper (12 years old from Surrey), Logan Matthews (11 years old from Berkshire) and Alfie Morwood (ten years from South Wales).

The role of Summer will be performed by Keira Laver (11 years old from Essex), Florrie May Wilkinson (ten years old from London) and Saffia Layla (11 years old from Hertfordshire).

Tomika will be played by Jasmine Djazel (11 years old from London), Souparnika Nair (ten years old from Bury St. Edmunds) and Angel Lucero (11 years old from London).

James is played by Hadlee Snow (ten years old from Brighton), Darmani Eboji (12 years old from Essex) and Devon Francis (11 years old from London), Riotafari Gardner (ten years old from London).

Marcy is played by Lily Rose Martin (11 years old from Kent), Elodie Salmon (11 years old from London) and Paris Banyong (nine years old from London).

Mason is played by Caelan Wallington (11 years old from Watford), Alex Shotton (12 years old from Buckinghamshire) and Nesim Adnan (ten years old from Kent).

Shonelle is played by Kyla Robinson (11 years old from Surrey), Eden Anthony (12 years old from London) and Elisha Kerai (11 years old from London).

Sophie is played by Ophelia Parsons (12 years old from London), Jemima Newman (nine years old from Bedfordshire), Ava Masters (11 years old from Kent) and Inez Danielak (12 years old from Essex).

Tickets for School of Rock at Hull New Theatre from 7-18 September 2021 are on sale now at www.hulltheatres.co.uk

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