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Sky Cinema January 2021: What’s Coming This Month?



Lockdown 3.0… third time’s a charm, right? Another month stuck inside comes hand in hand with another month of binging some fantastic movies on Sky Cinema, and you don’t even have to feel bad about it! This month there’s something for everyone! Sky Cinema in January 2021 is a mixed bag full of heart-racing dramas, systematic satire, and some easy-watching feelgood movies.??

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She’s in Portland – January 5th

Comedy/Drama starring Tommy Dewey and Francois Arnaud, She’s in Portland is a meaningful and elevating road trip film that takes place along the California Coast. This slice-of-life movie follows two college best friends now in their thirties, admiring each other’s lives and feeling trapped in their own as they try to reconnect with a girl they knew from college. An existential journey about accepting who you are and how to move forward comfortably.

She’s in Portland coming January 5th

Blindfire – January 7th

Inspired by actual events, Blindfire follows the lives of a police officer who while responding to a violent hostage call, wrongly takes the life of an African American suspect turned victim, and follows the lives of the victim’s family. Starring Brian Geraghty, Sharon Leal, and Bethany Joy Lenz the police officer must find the real suspect while analysing his own accountability and racial biases.

Blindfire coming January 7th

Greed – January 8th

Starring Steve Coogan and David Mitchell, Greed tells the story of an ill-mannered English billionaire Sir Richard McCreadie, whose retail company is in ruin. After a crippling public investigation, his reputation and business are soiled. The Comedy/Satire film follows McCreadie’s fall from grace and his attempts to rebuild, through the eyes of his biographer.

Greed coming January 8th

The High Note – January 9th

The High Note tells the story of an overworked and underappreciated personal assistant who dreams of making it big in the music producing industry, and the story of a soon to be washed up singer. Dakota Johnson, Ice Cube, and Tracee Ellis Ross star in this feel-good Musical/Romance movie following the pressures of LA’s music scene.

The High Note coming January 9th

Miss Juneteenth – January 10th

In an attempt at keeping her daughter from repeating the same mistakes she made in life, an ex pageant queen turned single mother tries her hardest to control her daughter’s life. Following a mother and teenage daughter relationship, Miss Juneteenth is a wholesome and heartfelt movie directed by Channing Godfrey Peoples and stars Nicole Beharie, Kendrick Sampson, and Alexis Chikaeze.

Miss Juneteenth coming January 10th

Magical Adventures in the Forbidden City – January 11th

Action/Fantasy Directed by Aleksandr Boguslavskiy, Magical Adventures in the Forbidden City is the story of a community forced into lockdown due to a questionable wide-spread disease. With amazing special effects and exciting action scenes, Abigail, a young woman discovers her remarkable superpowers, in a cruel city where magic is banned.

Magical Adventures in the Forbidden City coming January 11th

The King of Staten Island – January 22nd

Struggling with grief and at a standstill in life, 24-year-old Scott (Pete Davidson) spends most of his days smoking at his mother’s house and day-dreaming of being a tattoo artist. That is until his mother begins to date a confident show-off that kicks Scott into action. Starring Pete Davidson, Steve Buscemi, and Pamala Adlon, this is a story of personal growth and battling inner demons.

The King of Staten Island coming January 22nd

The Swerve – January 28th

Sky Cinema January 2021: What’s coming?
Sky Cinema January 2021: What’s coming? The Swerve coming January 28th

The Swerve tells the devastating story of a woman, wife, and mother struggling with severe insomnia. Bad dreams, medical complications and a mouse in the house sees Holly’s (Azura Skye) mental stability and family life plummet. Directed by Dean Kapsalis, The Swerve is a harsh and shocking look into mental illness.

The Swerve coming January 28th

Twist – January 29th

Twist is a Sky Cinema Original movie that puts a unique spin on the Charles Dickens tale Oliver Twist. Starring a bunch of well-known names from Michael Caine to David Walliams, Rita Ora, to Lena Headey, this upcoming British Crime/Drama directed by Martin Owen brings a classic story thrillingly up to date.

Twist coming January 29th

Irresistible – January 30th

Irresistible is a Political/Comedy film starring Steve Carell, Chris Cooper, Mackenzie Davis, Topher Grace, Natasha Lyonne, and Rose Byrne. With political satire throughout, the movie is an exhausting look into the election process and a reflection of current systemic problems. The plot exposes in a comedic way, an all-too-familiar damaged political process as well as the bold actions of the media industry.

Irresistible coming January 30th

More films available on Sky Cinema in January 2021:

6th January
The Argument

12th January
Follow Me

14th January
The Death and Life of John F Donovan

16th January

17th January

20th January
Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart

You can grab a 7-Day free trial of Sky Cinema this October right here.

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