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SPOTLIGHT: The Adelphi’s Victory Club gigs are a huge win for local music

‘One of Hulls most famous live music venues, The Adelphi, is breathing life back into the local music scene with its string of limited capacity gigs aimed at giving people the experience of live music again.’

There are many good music venues in Hull, but not many have been around longer than The New Adelphi club. Bought by Paul Jackson in 1984, the venue has been a bastion of Hull’s local music scene for the past 37 years, hosting huge UK artists such Pulp and Hull’s own superstars, The Housemartins, and will hopefully continue to be that with the support of investors and the club’s loyal fans.

Due to the current situation of the global pandemic, hopes and dreams of being able to see and experience live music in person have been crushed and has led to the majority of gigs in the past year being either pre-recorded or live streamed. In the UK, the recent lifting of restrictions has allowed people to enjoy the live music they’ve missed, just in a limited capacity setting in order to keep everyone safe and protected.

The Adelphi has jumped on this opportunity and put together a staggering 21 events over the course of a month, giving local bands and local music fans to get back in a club environment and experience the joy of live music again.

These events have been named “The Victory Club” gigs as a nod to the name of the club back in 1923 before it changed back in the early 1980’s. The club has undergone several ownership and name changes, but the name “The Victory Club” captures the spirit of the easing of lockdown restrictions.

The club are quoted on the website saying, “We’ve put together 21 gigs giving bands an opportunity to take to the Adelphi stage in front of a socially distanced audience. Small gigs to a small crowd, small victories! This should be fun!

“We’re calling it The Victory Club. That’s what our club was originally called. Built in the 1880’s it was named The Victory Club in 1923, almost 100 years ago, as an Ex-Serviceman’s Club for WWI veterans. We hope you can join us to celebrate the New Wave of Hull musicians. Hear and There. Sounds from Everywhere!”

At the time of writing this, all but 4 of these amazing events are sold out, so you’re interested… head to their Facebook page or their website for full breakdowns of the events and to be able to grab a ticket and not miss out on these opportunities.

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