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Strange and Scary Things To See Online



I get it. It has been weeks, the ordinary is starting to get boring and you need something new to do at home. Don’t worry, with these strange and scary things to see online you’ll be entertained in no time. Stay tuned for the very best strange and scary online happenings.

Hashima Island: The Forgotten Island

Explore a mysterious and abandoned island from the comfort of your own home. Hashima Island is located around 9 miles from the city of Nagasaki in Southern Japan. The island was abandoned in 1974 after the undersea coal mines were depleted. Today it stands as a symbol of the rapid industrialisation of Japan and a grim reminder of forced labour prior to and during World War 2. Today you can explore the island both in-person and online with an interactive tour thanks to Google Street View.

Nightmare Machine

Nightmare Machine is a spooky online oddity. It seeks to answer a very unusual, and very specific question; can machines learn to scare us? In an attempt to answer that question, artificial intelligence is being put to the test. Artificial intelligence, using deep learning algorithms, is being used to generate scary pictures. Two online galleries, Haunted Faces and Haunted Places have been created. Check them out, if you dare.

The Winchester Mystery House Online Tour

Take an online tour of a creepy 24,000 square foot mansion. The Winchester Mystery House is remarkable. It was built between 1884 and 1922 and was the personal residence of Sarah Winchester. The mansion is famous for its size, lack of any master building plan and its unusual architectural features. Rooms and features were added to the mansion haphazardly. There are stairs and doors that lead to nowhere, stairs with odd-sized steps and windows that overlook other rooms. Since its construction, many have claimed that the mansion is haunted by the ghosts of people killed by Winchester rifles. Many of the architectural oddities of the house have been attributed to Sarah Winchester’s belief in ghosts.

The Ritman Library

It’s time to get spooky. Thanks to a generous donation from Darren Brown, you can now access an online library of 1600, horror and paranormal books. The Ritman Library has allowed free access to a range of pre-1900s books about alchemy, astrology and magic.

Real Ghost Stories Online

A fascinating free podcast which is available on a wide range of platforms. Every day new podcasts featuring real stories of horror told by everyday people are released. The stories encompass all elements of the paranormal including haunted houses, demons, ghosts, possessions, shadow people and more. The Real Ghost Stories Online podcasts are a lot of fun, so be sure to check them out.

The Catacombs of Paris

The Catacombs of Paris contain the remains of over 6 million people. They were built to deal with the city’s overflowing cemeteries which caused several walls to collapse. To deal with the problem bodies were painstakingly transported to a labyrinth of stone quarries under Paris which led to the creation of the catacombs. You can wander the catacombs from the comfort of your own home and take a virtual tour through their dark tunnels.

Explore If You Dare

It’s time to do something strange and scary, without leaving your house. Whether you’re into haunted houses, abandoned islands or ghost stories, there’s something for you. Have an online adventure today and explore if you dare.

If these strange and scary online happenings aren’t for you, or you want to see more online experiences, check this out.

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