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Super Sandwiches: Hull’s finest Sandwich shops



The enduring popularity of the sandwich can perhaps be attributed to it’s flexibility as a food- suitable for any occasion and any time of day, and abundant with diverse and creative flavours. In addition to this, the sandwich is a reasonably priced and readily available delicacy, the kind that can be laboured over or swiftly made depending on the time and day.

Thankfully, the local area’s culinary establishments are no strangers to good quality sandwiches that provide taste and comfort in equal measure, with this in mind, here are the finest sandwich shops Hull and The East Riding has to offer.


The Dock, Queen St, Hull HU1 1UU

A personal favourite of mine and wildly popular, Nibble is responsible for providing local foodies with some of Hull and The East Riding’s most delicious and moreish sandwiches, in a modern and arty setting. Although Nibble specialises in a number of dishes and treats, it is the establishments homemade and diverse sandwiches that have customers returning again and again. As well as dealing in culinary classics such as BLT’s and Veggie Sandwiches, Nibble also deals in a number of unique and creative dishes that seek to modernise the local areas sandwich options with taste and invention, with their delicious Tandoori Chicken Naan exemplifying this best. For a delicious and reasonably priced sandwich that demands return, Nibble is perfect.

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11 Grimston St, Hull

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Thieving Harry’s

73 Humber St, Hull HU1 1UD

Thieving Harry’s has been a culinary gem in Hull for the past few years, bringing in a wealth of admiration and acclaim from a whole host of local foodies and customers. Situated on the corner of Humber Street (one of Hull’s most exciting social hubs), Thieving Harry’s offers a number of delicious and homemade sandwiches, all of which are perfectly complimented by a cup of speciality coffee or tea. Some of their standout sandwiches are: Smoked Applewood & Pastrami, Ponzo Pulled Chicken Sarnie, and the Tofu B.L.T., all of which are reasonably priced. For those wanting to indulge in a delicious and tasty sandwich, amidst Hull’s ever bustling Humber Street, Thieving Harry’s is ideal.

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Marla’s Sandwich Shop

17 Paragon Arcade, Hull HU1 3PQ

Hull’s Paragon Arcade is a quaint and aesthetically stunning area that also houses a number of impressive culinary establishments, one of which is Marla’s Sandwich Shop. Although the eatery is only open for business on weekends (Fri-Sun, 10-3), their delicious and moreish sandwiches simply cannot be missed. Ham, pea and pickled onion, crispy tofu, peas, tartare sauce- Marla’s sandwiches are both inventive and tasty, capturing the balance between innovation and comfort perfectly. Additionally, all of their products are available at a reasonable price. For a gratifying culinary experience in picturesque surroundings, choose Marla’s.

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23-25 Carr Lane, Hull HU1 3RB

This family run establishment has long been recognised as one of Hull’s most charming and impressive sandwich shops, providing locals with good quality food since 1984. All of their sandwiches are reasonably priced and made with the utmost efficiency, perfect for those in a hurry. In addition to their flawless service and generous prices, Herby’s offers an extensive menu, in which something can be found for everyone. Some of their standout products include: Roast Pork with Apple Sauce, Cajun Prawn, and Edam and Tomato.

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Kingston’s Deli

45 Savile Street, Hull HU1 3EA

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216 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2ND

Newland Avenue’s Barley’s is one of Hull’s most exciting and popular sandwich shops, largely catering for those that are vegan and vegetarian. Although the establishments products are slightly more expensive than those previously discussed in this article, the eateries faultless service and tasty food warrants the slight escalation in price. Their thick cut sandwiches and delicious wraps brimming with fresh produce are unmissable culinary spectacles that never fail to lure local foodies.

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Madison’s Deli

88 Newland Avenue, Hull HU5 3AB

Madison’s Deli is one of Newland Avenue’s best loved culinary establishments, responsible and renowned for diligently providing locals with warm service and tasty food at reasonable prices. Serving everything from sausage rolls, pork pies, and cakes to delicious breakfast sandwiches and healthier alternatives, Madison’s is capable of accommodating all tastes and moods. The customisable elements offered by the Deli also add to the establishment’s sense of customer inclusion and hospitality.

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Taste 125

125 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2ES

Rivalling Madison’s in service and homemade charm is Taste 125, another of Newland’s stand out delicatessens that specialises in charming and moreish sandwiches perfect for those wanting a quick, easy bite. Their wraps, sandwiches and paninis are all made using the freshest local ingredients, thus demonstrating how the eatery is capable of providing local foodies with good quality food that also helps to support the local economy. Furthermore, the establishments products are all generously priced and perfect for those needing a hearty snack in a hurry.

Check out their Facebook page here >

Hull and The East Riding is abundant with impressive eateries that specialise in homemade and moreish sandwiches, perfect for virtually every occasion. So next time you’re in the mood for a sandwich, I urge you to go out into the local area and visit one (or more) of the establishments featured on this list.

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