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“Suspenseful and brilliant” – Reviewing 2:22 A Ghost Story at Hull New Theatre

Last night the UK Tour of 2:22 A Ghost Story arrived in Hull, and boy did it leave an impression.

The night begins with Jenny (Fiona Wade) at home alone with her daughter, clearly on edge, jumping at every little noise. She heads upstairs to check on her daughter who should be sound asleep… but something isn’t right. Something hasn’t been right for the last three nights.

Sam (George Rainsford), her husband, is a skeptic, who believes everything can be explained by science and physics. He has just returned from a work trip to a remote island off the coast of Scotland where he had lost his phone so was unable to take Jenny’s frantic calls while she was home alone, scared.

Jenny and her husband Sam invite their friends Lauren (Vera Chok) and Ben (Jay McGuiness) over for some drinks and a dinner party, where Jenny reveals the strange goings on over the last four nights. Ben is a firm believer in the supernatural, after having encounters throughout his youth via his spiritual mother. Lauren is less firm in her beliefs even though she has personally experienced something unexplainable in her past.

Jenny convinces them all, including Sam, to stay up until 2:22 am, where she is positive that Sam will be proven wrong, and that she will be proven not insane.

The show is filled with tension, and the entire audience jumped out of their seats on multiple occasions (watch your wine glasses!).

One of the most brilliant things about 2:22 is the way that after you leave the theatre, you’ll be discussing things that happened throughout the show, having moments of realisation and clarity over strange goings on through the night.

Fiona and George are a brilliant pairing, who give a real feeling of a couple who have been married for years, with previous issues rising to the surface at a time of distress for Jenny.

Equally Jay McGuiness and Vera Chok are fantastic in their parts, Vera adding a layered characterisation of Lauren, and Jay bringing both the seriousness for the spiritual parts, as well as some very well-placed comedic jokes through the show.

2:22 A Ghost Story had the audience on the edge of their seat, waiting for the next jump – which came at very unpredictable times. After each one you’d hear people laughing and discussing with their theatre buddies.

It wrapped up with a standing ovation after the reveal of what has been haunting the house, and in my opinion, it was deserved. The entire cast was incredible, the set design was just right for the house undergoing renovation, and the suspense throughout had us all on tenterhooks.

I understand why this show is doing so well in London. It’s a fantastic show that should definitely be seen.

If you can make it, I recommend picking up tickets to 2:22 before it’s gone.

2:22 A Ghost Story is running at Hull New Theatre until Sat 18 May, and you can find all the info and tickets here.

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