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The Perfect Sunday Dinner: Hull & East Yorkshire’s finest carveries



The carvery is one of Britain’s most beloved and cherished culinary institutions. Every Sunday thousands of families flock to their local establishment to receive cosy hospitality and hearty food in equal measure. Whether you’re nursing a bad hangover, or simply going out for a meal with family or friends, the carvery is capable of accommodating all that are lucky enough to pay a visit.

Hull and East Yorkshire is no stranger to incredible carveries. the local area is full of welcoming eateries that never fail to satisfy a hungry customer; Cauliflower Cheese, Yorkshire Puddings, Stuffing, and meat of every possible variety, the carvery is the perfect place to indulge guiltfree in some of the local area’s finest and most gratifying cuisine. With this in mind, here are the very best carveries in and around Hull.

Wingfield Farm

Boothferry Rd, Hessle HU13 0JL

First up on our list is Wingfield Farm, a charming and popular local establishment renowned for it’s generous portions and flawless service. Situated on Boothferry Road, Wingfield Farm is a sprawling eatery whose cosy interior makes for a comfortable and relaxed dining experience- perfect for those looking to wind down on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

In addition to their impressive interior, Wingfield Farm also provides customers with one of the local area’s most impressive carveries! The establishment is ‘big on quality’ and on delivering only the best to it’s customers, it’s 14 hour slow roasted meat, freshly prepared veg and crispy roast potatoes simply cannot be missed. Those that seek to indulge in a British classic from the comfort of their own home will also be pleased to know that Wingfield Farm now accepts a takeaway option.

Check out their website >>

Toby Carvery – Willerby

Beverley Rd, Hull HU10 6NT

If any single establishment can be said to be synonymous with a Carvery, then Toby Carvery is surely the only choice. Over the years the comfort orientated eatery has become something of a British culinary institution – and for some, a Sunday afternoon ritual. Willerby’s very own Toby Carvery is no different, with it’s warm, well-lit interior and friendly staff, the establishment promises comfort and hospitality to the highest degree.

Toby Carvery also delivers one of the local area’s finest roasts, serving up succulent roast turkey, apple and sage glaze pork, and a whole host of irresistible vegan and vegetarian options- including Allotment Pie (Butternut squash, parsnips, mushrooms, spinach & chestnuts), their Meat-Free Carvery, and the Broccoli and Brie Parcel! For homely comfort and delicious food sure to satisfy any local foodie – Toby Carvery is perfect.

Check out their website >>

West Bulls

Bricknell Ave, Hull HU5 4QD

Bricknell Avenue’s very own West Bulls Pizza & Carvery is an expansive, family friendly eatery whose generous portions and atmosphere of warmth has customers returning again and again. Much like the other establishments featured on this list, West Bulls sports a wholesome, friendly interior which makes for a laidback, yet satisfying dining experience. The eateries buttery mash, crispy roast potatoes, and tenderly cooked meats makes it one of the finest carveries in the local area – a perfect location for large groups seeking to socialise and enjoy some expertly cooked comfort food.

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Larkin’s Bar

48 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 3AE

As well as being one of the local area’s most popular bars and restaurants, Larkins is also famous for it’s impressive and much beloved Sunday roasts. Nestled in the heart of Newland Avenue, one of Hull’s most socially vibrant areas, Larkins is an establishment like no other- combining comfy traditionalism with urban modernity and class. In addition to their flawless service and general air of hospitality, the eatery also serves up a first rate carvery!

Some of the standout elements of their famous carveries include the following: Buttery broccoli and veg, homemade Yorkshire Puddings, mash, and beautifully cooked meats of every possibly variety. Although Larkins’s roast dinners are a tad more expensive than the others featured on this list, the quality of the ingredients used and the surroundings in which customers find themselves more than warrants this slight escalation. Those seeking a delicious roast in bustling and vibrant surroundings need look no further than Larkin’s Bar.

Check out their Facebook page >>

Red Sails

2 Beacon Way, Hull HU3 4AE

Red Sails is a wholesome, traditional establishment whose extensive food options and generous portions have garnered them much respect and admiration from local foodies. As well as making customers feel comfortable and at home with their staff’s hospitality and service, Red Sails also deliver on the food front!

The establishment serves potatoes of every thinkable variety, delicious oven roasted vegetables, and beautifully cooked meats that are both succulent and flavoursome. Thanks to the extensive food options provided, Red Sails are capable of accommodating all customers – making it the perfect place to come with family and friends on those lazy Sunday afternoons when the only thing on everyone’s mind is a carvery!

Check out their Facebook page >>

The Minerva

Nelson St, Hull HU1 1XE

One of the local area’s most historic and culturally valuable pubs, The Minerva boasts charm, friendliness and liveliness – the perfect place to hunker down in on a cold Sunday afternoon. The Minerva’s food and drink menu is extensive, but it’s their fantastic roast dinners for which they are perhaps best known.

Served from 12pm-4pm every Sunday, their roast dinners include everything you could possibly want and more; roast potatoes, veg, mash potato and Yorkshire puddings-perfect. For an unforgettable roast dinner in homely surroundings, The Minerva is perfect.

Check out their website for further information >>

The Lion & Key

48 High St, Hull HU1 1QE

Equally beloved by locals is The Lion & Key, a gem of Hull’s historic old town. Atmospheric and comfortable, The Lion & Key excels at being a traditional English pub. Full of friendly staff and renowned for their delicious food, it’s no wonder as to why the pub is so popular.

Much like The Minerva, The Lion & Key boasts an expansive food and drink menu, featuring many British classics such as Sausage and Mash and Fish and peas. Their roast dinner’s are also especially noteworthy, blending traditionalism with taste and affordability.

Check out their Facebook page for further information >>

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