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The Best Local Bakery Treats This Christmas



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Christmas is just around the corner; the decorations are up, the lights are switched on, the nights are drawing in, and people are quickly lapsing into a festive mood of cheer and happiness. Hull and East Yorkshire’s many impressive bakeries are also getting into the festive spirit, introducing a number of Christmas themed delicacies and treats which are sure to satisfy any customer!

Although in the coming weeks it may be difficult to find any spare time, if at any point you have a free hour or two at your disposal, I urge you to visit one (or all) of the following bakeries to get yourself a much deserved festive treat, be it a delicious doughnut, a seasonal mince pie, or a tasty home-made cookie, the local area’s bakeries are able to cater for anyone and everyone with a sweet tooth!

Flour & Feast

10 Humber St, Hull HU1 1TG


Everything about Humber Street’s Flour & Feast suggests festivity; it’s endlessly friendly staff, the comfortable and homely interior, the delicious homemade treats sat invitingly on the counter-the establishment simply can’t put a foot wrong. As well as being one of the local area’s most popular bakeries, and a standout attraction of Hull’s marina, Flour & Feast are also leading the charge with regard to festive treats and delicacies.

Some of their standout Christmas themed treats are as follows: Christmas Bundt Cake, Mince Pie Doughnuts, Mince Pies (shown above) Rocky Road Brownies, and Gingerbread Cake, all of which are complimented nicely by a cup of tea or a specialty coffee! If you find yourself with a free half an hour in-between Christmas shopping and other festive events, I urge you to visit Flour and Feast for a seasonal delicacy you won’t forget!

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Sun 6 Feb @ 4:00pm – 11:00pm

42nd East Bakehouse

St Mary’s Court, N Bar Within, Beverley, HU17 8DG

Beverley’s 42ndEastBakehouse is an impressive and friendly establishment whose championing of delicious indulgence and decadence has made them wildly popular in the local area, with long queues of eager customers-to-be regularly forming outside on any given day! In addition to it’s welcoming staff and modern décor, the establishment overlooks the bustle and hubbub of Beverley, making it the perfect place to come for a delicious treat in scenic, historic surroundings.

Much like Flour & Feast, 42ndEastBakehouse are getting into the festive spirit of things by introducing a number of Christmas themed treats, all of which are sure to appease and delight anyone. Some of the establishment’s most popular festive treats are as follows: 42ndEastBakehouse Advent Calendar (currently sold out), Festive Cookie Dough Balls (as pictured above, left), Festive Yule Log (above, right), Festive Box, Christmas Pudding, Festive Pine Cookies- the options are seemingly endless! Next time you happen to venture into Beverley, I highly recommend you get yourself to 42ndEastBakehouse for a festive treat of unparalleled taste.



106 King St, Cottingham, HU16 5QE

Blondes is undoubtedly one of the local area’s most popular vegan establishments, over the years Cottingham’s ‘cruel-free eatery’ has garnered a massive following of loyal customers who simply can’t get enough of Blondes’ delicious home-made food, tasty hot drinks, and atmosphere of welcome and calm. Considering that the establishment is well known for it’s hospitality and general cheer, it should come as no surprise to hear that Blondes have introduced a number of Christmas related products and treats in order to get you into the festive spirit!

Blonde’s standout Christmas treat is their wildly popular Christmas Eve Box, available at just £9.95 and including; 2x Hot chocolate stirrer, 1x Mallows, and 1x Spray cream- a perfect early present for family or friends!


Revival Coffee & Donuts

77 Ferensway, Hull HU2 8LD

Nestled comfortably amongst the bustle of Hull’s town centre is Revival Coffee & Donuts, an impressive and atmospheric establishment whose delicious specialty coffee’s and moreish, indulgent doughnuts have rendered them one of the local area’s most popular eateries, especially amongst sweet-tooth’s.

Much like Blondes, Revival have also introduced an exciting Christmas Eve Box, which can be pre-ordered now and collected on the 24th. Available at the price of £17, this collection contains six delicious and unique doughnuts, making it the perfect thing to share with friends or family on the night before Christmas! The box’s chosen flavours include: Christmas Pud, Chocolate Orange, Gingerbread Mate, Christmas Wreath, North Star, and Mince Pie. For those that would prefer something to drink, but still want something festive, Revival have introduced a number of seasonal hot drinks and coffees, including; Cinnabun Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and a Salted Caramel Latte, perfect either as an accompaniment to your Christmas Eve Box, or as a treat in itself.

Next Door

CD4I@ThDock, Hull, HU1 1UU


Nibble’s newly opened sister branch Next Door, is already proving to be incredibly popular with locals, and given the former’s history of friendly staff, atmosphere, and delicious food and drink, it comes as no surprise. Next Door specialises in those early morning takeaway runs, and in delicious, deli-style lunches (sporting a new and exciting counter everyday), and as such is appealing to virtually anyone and everyone.

Like Nibble, Next Door boasts a modern yet friendly décor, and a wealth of well trained staff who are capable of producing some of the best home-made food in the local area! Although, as previously mentioned, Next Door’s appetising counters are subject to change every day, given that it is the festive period, the establishment have started to introduce a number of festive treats and dishes, sure to catch your eye! Some of these treats include: Raspberry & White Chocolate Cookie (designed to look like a reindeer), Christmas Pie Cookie, Christmas Mincemeat, and Cherry Bakewell’s! Delicious, home-made treats perfectly complimented by a coffee or tea on these cold December days.

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