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The Best Mobile Games For When You’re Curled Up In Bed



Let’s face it; nothing beats curling up in bed after a long day, apart from curling up in bed with one of the best mobile games ever. Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite mobile games so that you can add some fun to your relaxation. 

Exiled Kingdoms

Exiled Kingdoms is an extraordinary accomplishment. It is a vintage style RPG game reminiscent of the original Diablo, complete with pre-rendered backgrounds and character sprites. It comes with all the standard RPG features including character customisation, classes, builds, skills, traits and levels. Your character can be male or female, and you can choose from a range of character classes including rogue, warrior, cleric and mage. Exiled Kingdom is a remarkable game despite its standard RPG setup. It has a vast array of locations. The game itself includes over 120 hours of gameplay, has a genuinely interesting story and some beautiful art. At around £3.50 Exiled Kingdoms will keep you entertained indefinitely no matter how much you travel.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds is timeless and just as addicting as ever, but now you have Angry Birds 2 to keep you occupied. It combines all the tactical yet casual sling-shot elements of the original with team challenges and all-new game modes. If you love Angry Birds, like social games and are a bit competitive then Angry Birds, 2 is the game for you.

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If you love the atmosphere, puzzles and have a decent-sized screen, then Limbo is for you. It’s a stunning and distinctive game with accessible gameplay. The story is simplistic and soundless. You’re a boy, on a mission to save your sister and you’ve entered the dark world of Limbo to do it. To rescue her, you’re going to have to solve some challenging puzzles and defeat what is arguably the most terrifying spider in video game history.


Eternium is a charming basic RPG and an excellent time-waster. The game is easy to play, responsive, fluid and has beautiful backgrounds. It isn’t the most complex RPG in the world, but you can complete it both offline and for free. Despite its simplicity, Eternium is incredibly addictive with regular in-game rewards, engaging fast-paced gameplay and stunning in-game effects. In short, it’s mindless fun and a great way to kill a day or six.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a multi-award winning game that’s free to play. You’ll need a lot of space on your device for this work of art, but if you can make space, then it’s well worth it. In short, it’s a beautiful simulation game with a classic Fallout twist. Your job is to turn a vault into a perfect place to live and create a thriving community of vault dwellers. To do this, you’ll need to plan your vault carefully and get to know your dwellers. Understanding your dwellers will be crucial to success as you assign them jobs, train them and upgrade their abilities. Make sure you get it right as the wasteland is anything but safe.

Lapse: A Forgotten Future

Lapse is a free and straightforward offline choice game. All you have to do is choose between two options, left or right when faced with a problem. The choices you make will decide the fate of a nation cursed to dwell in a post-apocalyptic world. It sounds simple enough, but Lapse is not what it seems. The more good choices you make the closer you get to unearth the mystery that is Lapse. Lapse is one of the few games with a well-thought-out plot that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Cat Life

Cat Life is the game that ruined my entire life. It didn’t really, but it was close. Cat Life is incredibly addictive. It’s cute, competitive, reward heavy, customisable and social. This game is the perfect storm and may well keep you on your mobile indefinitely. The aim is simple, complete the puzzles to move up the board and unlock pets as you go. You can also care for your pets and decorate their home. It doesn’t sound addicting, but it is. Cat Life reminds me of alcopops, sweet and assuming, but that’s precisely what makes it so deadly. 

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