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The Hull Artisan Bakehouse featured in Enola Holmes 2



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The story of Hang Out Artisan Bakehouse is one to be admired. Ana Dumitru, owner of the establishment, tells how she came about opening the bakehouse and how it was to be part of the production of Enola Holmes 2 in her very first experience with Hull’s well-known High Street. 

When Ana and her husband first opened their own business, it was thanks to some money they had set aside. It was an ultimate decision about whether it was to go towards a mortgage or if they would go about starting their own business – thankfully they opted to open a bar.

This bar was successful and it was a wonderful turn out, Ana even left her job to help out around the pub. Eventually she felt as if there wasn’t anything of interest, so she decided to start baking again.


Baking was something Ana liked to do and was taught much of what she knew by her grandmother. With this change in approach, they started giving out menus to customers and it was a hit. 

Eventually Ana was asked to provide her baked goods outside of the bar and struck up a good network of customers. However, the bar wasn’t her dream, it was hugely something her husband was interested in. As such they discussed it and came to the conclusion to open another establishment, this time to the vision of Ana.

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After looking around for the perfect place she found it on High Street, a gorgeous little place just on the end opposite the Street Life Museum. It became an escape for her, she decorated the inside to her desire, including some personal touches like the peonies, the flower which was her mother’s favourite.

After opening the doors of Hangout, she had lines of people reaching all the way around the corner- the waiting time was at one point 40 minutes long. However, this was good news, her new establishment was a hit and still is!

There were ups and downs during the pandemic as there was a lot of adjusting for both the staff and Ana but when they were open again, it was another big adjustment making sure everything was running smoothly – good rhythm was established.

Then came along the day she got a letter, asking that her business be used in a production that was to be filmed on the street.


Not being a big movie buff Ana thought nothing of it, assuming it was a small production, maybe something local. But once she told her staff members and seeing their excitement at the idea of meeting some of the actors Ana had to look into the film and see what the fuss was about. 

So off she went, Googling and researching what was actually coming to Hull. Once she realised it was Enola Holmes 2, she found out why her staff was so joyous.


After seeing the popularity of the first film it dawned on Ana just how big this production was. However, she kept her cool and eventually they arrived, bringing the set and getting the street ready for filming.

Ana told about how on Tuesday 5th October the production company had compensated her for the loss of business, so she said since they bought everything, technically, they were more than welcome to take the baked goods from that day. It was a lovely interaction between her and the production staff, often greeting them down the street and seeing them enjoying her food.

She recalled how her daughter was coming to the shop with her one day when the set was completed and her daughter exclaimed “Mommy, your bakery is gone!” which made Ana laugh.

This was not the only time the set impacted her daughter though; Ana used the set to show her that movies and what she sees on TV are make believe to put the young girl at ease. These moments are not often seen and to know our high street had so many memories attached both from its past and the here and now is more than enough.

Although Ana and the staff were not allowed to be in the shop during filming it was an experience that was both wonderful and memorable. It is an experience Ana is looking forward to again when once again we get chosen for the production of a film or TV show. 


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