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The ultimate food and drink guide to Beverley



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The stunning, oldy-worldly, market town of Beverley is full of history and culture. With the area boasting the nation’s oldest state school, the imposing Beverley Minster, and the rural Westwood, Beverley has plenty going for it. However Beverley also has more to offer than just it’s past, the town is also abundant with cosy pubs, modern bars, and outstanding restaurant’s, with every establishment deserving a visit at some point. Given that Christmas is only a few weeks away, and given that the time for dining, drinking, and socialising is upon us like never before, here are the twenty best establishments to visit in Beverley (and some equally impressive additions for another visit!), a guide to help you decide where it is you’ll be eating next with friends, family, and loved ones this festive period.

Pubs, Inns, and Bars in Beverley

FIREPIT Beverley

Unit 3, 4 & 4a, Chantry Ln, Beverley HU17 0NZ

Beverley’s premier sports bar is Firepit, situated on Flemingate, one of the town’s most popular areas for drinking, eating, and socialising. Ever since it’s formal establishment the Firepit has been one of Beverley’s most frequented bars; a spacious, atmospheric establishment which delivers on good food and drink in equal measure. Being a smokehouse, it’s natural that the Firepit should specialise in; Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chicken, and Ribs, however the establishment also dabbles in a number of impressive desserts for afters, including; Churros with a chocolate dip, warm chocolate brownie, and a double waffle and ice cream sandwich- a perfect way to top off your deliciously indulgent meal whilst watching some sport!


The Cross Keys Beverley- (JD Wetherspoon)

8 Lairgate, Beverley HU17 8EE

Nothing says reliability and comfort like a Wetherspoons. Found in the heart of Beverley’s Saturday market, one of the town’s most lively and bustling places to be, The Cross Keys is a homely and atmospheric place to come with a large group of friends or with family, a place to wind down during the busy festive period with a well earned pint and some homely food. Thankfully, The Cross Keys serve virtually everything, catering to all dietary and culinary inclinations; vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Some of the establishment’s most popular dishes include, but are not limited to; Pizza, curry, burgers, fish and chips, and a variety of irresistible breakfasts. For comfort and satisfaction in the extreme, The Cross Keys is perfect.

The King’s Head Hotel

38 Market Place, Beverley HU17 9AH

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Sun 6 Feb @ 4:00pm – 11:00pm

Less than a minute’s walk from The Cross Keys is The King’s Head, an atmospheric yet modern eatery which provides good food and comfort in equal measure. Boasting an impressive exterior and a traditional décor, The King’s Head is the perfect place to come on a cold December’s night to socialise and for a bite to eat. Although the establishment’s dishes are a little steeper than that of Firepit’s or The Cross Key’s, the quality of the food and the surroundings of the establishment more than warrant the slight escalation in price. The King’s Head have a number of menus on offer, including a main menu, a Sunday menu, a kids menu, and a non gluten and non wheat menu. Some of their standout dishes include; Red wine glazed beef brisket, pan-roasted pork collar, spicy tomato & chickpea curry (VE), and any of their unforgettable charcoal oven-cooked steaks. The King’s Head is ideal for larger parties with a taste for good food, style, and brilliant service.

Chequers Micropub

15 Swabys Yard, Beverley HU17 9BZ


Something of a hidden gem amongst Beverley’s many pubs, inns, and bars, Chequers Micropub is nestled comfortably in the curiously titled Swabys Yard, less than a minute’s walk away from The Kings Head. Chequers Micropub is a small yet homely establishment whose immense charm is derived from friendly staff, an air of sociability, and a variety of delicious ciders and lagers. The micropub eschews television, music, or gaming machines of any variety, choosing to prioritize conversation and socialising over anything else. Chequers Micropub is the perfect place to hunker down on a cold December night with a group of friends over a pint of local beer.

The Monk’s Walk

19 Highgate, Beverley HU17 0DN

An establishment with a rich and diverse cultural history, The Monk’s Walk is one of Beverley’s most popular and best loved pubs- homely, friendly, and full of atmosphere. With the stunning Beverley Minster in view of the pub, The Monk’s Walk is the perfect place to come with friends and family to bask in the oldy-worldly charm of Beverley, and especially so in the current festive period! Unfortunately The Monk’s Walk is not serving food at the moment (subject to change soon hopefully), but the establishment does boast a mix of both local ales, ciders, and lagers, a number of well known international brands, allowing them to cater to as many customers as possible.

The Green Dragon

51 Saturday Market, Beverley HU17 8AA


A personal favourite of mine, Saturday Market’s The Green Dragon has everything you could possible desire in a pub: good food, plenty of drink, atmosphere, warmth, and friendly staff. Overlooking Beverley’s landmark bandstand and in view of The King’s Head, The Green Dragon is hugely popular amongst locals, famed for it’s medieval name and general atmosphere of warmth- the perfect choice for the festive period. Some of the establishment’s most popular dishes include, but are not limited to; Steak & Guinness pie, sausages & colcannon, chili non-carne (VE), and their locally famous ale battered cod & chips.

The Sun Inn

1 Flemingate, Beverley HU17 0NP

Purported to be Beverley’s oldest pub, The Sun Inn is a charming and atmospheric establishment whose wealth of live music, good beer, and oldy-worldly décor makes it wildly popular with customers from the local area. Situated just on the corner of Flemingate and overlooking the Beverley Minster, The Sun Inn is the perfect place to come with family for a festive day out in the town of Beverley. Brilliant Sunday lunches are also available, though reservations in advance are naturally required.

The Royal Standard

Royal Standard, 30 N Bar Within, Beverley HU17 8DL

A grade II listed building with plenty of history, The Royal Standard is a homely establishment whose promise of sociability and good beer has garnered them a loyal following of customers over the years. Situated in Beverley’s Georgian quarter, and a minute’s walk from the stunning Westwood, The Royal Standard is a must for any local keen on atmosphere and culture.


The Potting Shed

Flemingate, Beverley HU17 0NU

On the other side of Beverley near Flemingate is The Potting Shed, one of the town’s most popular places to come for good quality food, drink, and friendly service. An expansive and well designed establishment, with both a wealth of outdoor and indoor seating, The Potting Shed is the perfect place to come with a large group of friends for a festive night out. Some of the establishment’s standout dishes are as follows: BBQ pulled pork wrap, buttermilk chicken burger, chickpea, spinach and sweet potato curry, and their halloumi burger.

The White Horse (Nellies)

22 Hengate, Beverley HU17 8BN

One of Beverley’s most beloved landmarks, Nellies is a pub rife with history and culture. With origins predating 1666, The White Horse (as it is formally known) is one of East Yorkshire’s oldest pubs, all the more charming for it’s wonky brick work, uneven cobbles, and gas lighting. Boasting a wealth of local ales, lagers, and ciders, Nellies caters for those that desire an atmospheric and festive night out. A number of bar snacks are available, perfect compliments to your drink of choice.

Restaurants and Bistros in Beverley

Akash Beverley

63A Toll Gavel, Beverley

Another of Beverley’s hidden gems, Akash is an outstanding Indian, full of friendly staff, charm, and delicious food. Situated half way between Wednesday and Saturday market, Akash overlooks the busy cobbled streets of Beverley centre, and thus is an atmospheric dining experience. Perfect for large groups of friends and family, or for just a romantic night out with a loved one! Some of their standout dishes are as follows: Chicken Kashmiri, Chicken Tikka Handi, and their Chicken Dansak.

Sumo Pan Asian

Unit B, 12a Flemingate, Beverley HU17 0EE

One of the reasons as to why Beverley attracts so many people is because of it’s refreshing culinary diversity; Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Spanish- the town has all bases covered. Sumo Pan Asian, one of Beverley’s many Asian restaurants is hugely popular with locals, partly for the friendliness of their staff, partly for their delicious food. Situated on Flemingate, Sumo Pan Asian is the perfect place to come with friends and family, to indulge in some tasty food, and socialise. Some of their most popular dishes include, but are not limited to; Salt and pepper tofu, malaysian tofu satay, thai spicy king prawn fried rice, and the pork lion katsu curry.

Ogino Japanese Restaurant

1, Beaver House, Beverley HU17 0AA

Whereas Sumo Pan Asian specialises in cuisine from a number of Asian countries, Ogino focuses largely on Japanese cuisine, offering a number of innovative and curious dishes which are sure to satisfy any customer willing to try something new. Tucked away off Beverley’s bustling Wednesday market, Ogino is a sleek and modern establishment that does everything to accommodate their guests. A number of menus are on offer at Ogino, including: A la carte, Japanese tapas set meal, a lunch menu, and a drinks menu, providing customers with plenty of choice. Some of their most popular and beloved dishes are as follows: Venison gyo-za, cherry smoked kamo: leven duck, and teriyaki donburi. Prices are relatively steep, but the quality of the food and the professionalism of the staff more than warrants this.

Chamas Rodizio Bar & Grill

9-10 Wednesday Market, Beverley HU17 0DG

Immensely popular with locals, Chamas Rodizio Bar & Grill styles itself on providing authentic Brazilian cuisine to it’s customers, bolstered by helpful staff and an atmosphere of comfort and sociability. Overlooking Beverley’s Wednesday market, Chamas is the perfect place to come with a large group of friends or with family to eat, drink, socialise, and watch the world go by. Chamas runs a number of impressive menus, including: A lunch selection, an evening selection, children’s offers, and even a vegetarian, vegan, and fish option- allowing them to cater for everyone. For a hearty and delicious meal this festive period, Chamas is perfect!

Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill

Working in a similar vein to Chamas is Flemingate’s Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill, an impressive and hospitable establishment which prides itself on serving large groups of friends and families some of the finest cuisine Brazil has to offer. With it’s impressive modern décor and spacious seating area, it should come as no surprise to learn that Estabulo is one of Beverley’s most popular restaurants, capable of accommodating everyone! Some of their standout dishes include: The filet mignon (fillet steak), the fisherman’s basket, and their irresistible pork belly.

Central 42

42 Saturday Market, Beverley HU17 8AA

Another personal favourite of mine, Central 42 is one of Beverley’s most popular restaurants, situated in the very heart of the town’s Saturday market. Cosy and hospitable, the establishment is the perfect place to bring a loved one for a romantic night out, be it for eating, or just drinking. Although Central 42 largely specialises in Tapas, the eatery runs a number of impressive menus, including a breakfast menu, a Christmas menu, and a gin menu. Some of their most popular and beloved Tapas dishes are as follows: Tuscan meatballs, chicken skewers, tortilla espanola, and gambas pil pil- authentic and delicious Spanish cuisine sure to gratify any curious customer determined to experience something new and exciting!

Lucia Wine Bar & Grill

5 N Bar Within, Beverley HU17 8AP

With it’s stunning décor and wealth of delicious dishes, it’s no wonder that Lucia’s is consistently voted one of the best places to eat at in Beverley, as well as being one of it’s most popular. Nestled down a narrow cobbled alley opposite Beverley’s totemic band-stand, Lucia’s Wine Bar & Grill delivers wonderful cuisine and unforgettable atmosphere in equal measure, making it perhaps the best place in Beverley to come for a romantic meal. Some of their most popular dishes are as follows: Seafood spaghetti, truffled mushroom pizza, spiced braised lamb shank, and Italian meatballs. For the finest Italian cuisine Beverley has to offer in beautiful surroundings, Lucia’s is you’re only choice.

Sleepers Bar & Kitchen Beverley

1, Regal Court, Norwood, Beverley HU17 9ET

Position just outside of Beverley’s centre, Sleepers Bar & Kitchen is an expansive, refreshingly modern establishment whose friendly staff, delicious food, and atmosphere of relaxation have made it one of the local area’s most sought after places to eat, drink, and socialise. Functioning as both a restaurant and a bar, Sleepers thus allows customers to come and enjoy themselves for different reasons, be it a romantic evening meal, or a night out with friends. Some of the eateries most popular dishes are as follows: Beef stroganoff, Korean pork belly, chicken zada, and fish and chips.

Westwood Restaurant Bar & Grill

New walk, Beverley HU17 7AE

The Westwood Restaurant Bar & Grill is renowned locally for it’s commitment to fine dining and to professionalism, gardening it many accolades and awards over the years. Situated some way out of Beverley’s centre, and past the towns Georgian sector, The Westwood is a lavish and impressive establishment, with friendly staff, thoughtful décor, and delicious food. Although it is somewhat pricier than the other eateries featured on this list, the quality of the food provided more than warrants this escalation. Some of their standout dishes are as follows: Warrendale wagyu beef fillet tartare, pan-roasted loin of wild venison, and their Himalayan salt aged Porterhouse steak. For fine dining in picturesque surroundings, The Westwood is perfect.

Artisa Beverley

Flemingate’s Artisa is proving to be one of the local area’s most popular establishments, serving as both a restaurant and a cocktail bar. Serving everything from breakfasts and sandwiches, to burgers and tapas, Artisa is accommodating customers of every possible culinary inclination. In addition to this, the establishment specialises in a number of beverages, perfect on their own, or as an accompaniment to a meal. Some of their standout cocktails and beverages include, but are not limited to: Cheeky monkey, Mexican colada, Bramble, and the Strawberry Woo Woo. Artisa’s diversity makes it ideal for any sort of occasion, a festive night out with friends, a long awaited meal with family, Flemingate’s finest can accommodate you no matter what.

If any of the above establishments aren’t quite what you are looking for, or if you’re wishing to keep your options open, here are a few more listed establishments which are worth investigating next time you find yourself in the historic market town of Beverley. With Christmas just a few weeks away, and with festivities running high, there’s no better time to get out and have a meal or a drink with loved ones, friends, and family.

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