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The Very Best Home Workout Songs



You can stay fit during lockdown and these songs can help you do it. The best workout songs all have something in common including great beats, a quick tempo and an energising melody. No matter what exercise you do, there is a song for you. Listening to great music while working out has never been easier with wireless headphones and online streaming. It is time to get moving with the very best workout songs.

Tempo Is Key

Music has been proven to help boost performance and motivation during exercise. Studies have found that certain tempos can improve your performance. Different tempos work best for different exercises. Generally speaking a tempo between 120 and 140 bpm (beats per minute) will be beneficial for most forms of exercise. Songs that are closer to 140 bpm are better for faster exercises while songs that are closer to 120 bpm are better for slower exercises. Here’s a rundown of the very best workout songs with a bpm between 120 and 140 to help keep you fit and healthy during the lockdown.

Culture Beat: Mr Vain

Released in 1993, this song is an absolute winner and has a bpm of 133. It could well be one of the best dance songs for a workout ever.

Ida Corr Vs Freddie Le Grand: Let Me Think About It

Let Me Think About It is a catchy song with a hefty beat and a bpm of 129. This electro house song stands out from the crowd because of its jerky beat and jazz elements.

Britney Spears: Do Somethin’

A sassy 2004 song with a bpm of 130. The lyrics allude to having a great time and not caring about what other people think.

Madonna: Hung Up

If you’re exercising because you’re fed up, this could be the song for you. It has a bpm of 125.

Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters: Destination Calabria

A song about letting go of your worries, that has a slightly saucy video, and a bpm of 128.

Lady Gaga: Applause

If you have an artistic streak then this might be the 140 bpm workout song for you. Applause was inspired by the cheering of Lady Gaga’s fans and how it motivated her to complete a tour even though she was in pain with a hip injury.

Ten Walls: Walking With Elephants

A 2014 house song with a bpm of 120. It’s a bit different but it was popular and peaked at number 6 in the UK Singles Chart.

Kiesza: Hideaway

The video is almost as good as the song itself. Inspired by 90s dance music with a bpm of 123, this is a fun workout song.

Gala: Freed From Desire

Freed From Desire is a classic dance song with a bpm of 129. It was released in 1996 and is just as iconic ever.

Danzel: Pump It Up

A simple and fun song that is great for motivation. It has a bpm of 129.

Grace: Not Over Yet

A 90s dance classic with a bpm of 130. If you’re motivated to workout by a recent breakup then this is the song for you.

Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Motivating and fun. This song has a bpm of 120 and is annoyingly catchy.

Get Fit Now

You can workout at home during the lockdown. There is a huge range of brilliant online workout videos and workout songs with a bpm of between 120 and 140. You can find some great online fitness videos at Fitness Blender. It is perfectly possible for you to leave the lockdown healthier and fitter than ever before. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get fit now.

To make gains you need to rest and recover. If you need to unwind after your workout, check our article on relaxing videogames.

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