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Hull and East Yorkshire’s Top Rated Italian Restaurants



Ever since the summer filled days of the 1960’s, Italian cuisine has been rapidly garnering admiration across England, with Italian restaurants now reigning as one of the nation’s most populous and beloved culinary institutions. The unparalleled success of Italian cuisine can be attributed to it’s unique sense of diversity and charm: Steak, Sea-Food, Pizza, Pasta, Desserts, Italian cuisine welcomingly accommodates everyone at a reasonable price.

Unsurprisingly, the local area is abundant with unique and impressive Italian restaurants, with each eatery offering delicious, homemade food that never fails to satisfy a hungry customer. For any foodie insistent on having only the finest Italian delicacies and dishes, here are the top-rated Italian restaurants found in and around Hull.


22 New Walkergate, Beverley, HU17 9EE

The historic market town of Beverley boasts a number of inviting eateries, none are as charming nor impressive as Figaro however, one of the local area’s finest restaurants dedicated to Italian cuisine. The award winning restaurant is situated a stone’s throw away from the town’s picturesque Wednesday market, and serves a plethora of delicious, homemade Italian dishes.

Pizza of every possible variety, delectable sea-food risotto, 21 day matured steak, Figaro deals in culinary variety just as much as it does quality and comfort. With it’s generous portions and ‘Family Hour’ discounts, Figaro is the perfect establishment to come with family and friends and indulge in expertly crafted Italian food at a reasonable expense. The restaurant also benefits from an extensive wine list and a stylish, yet traditional décor that promises good food and hospitality. Recommendation’s include the ‘Marina’ pizza and the ‘Biscetta Diane’.

Check out their website: https://www.figarobeverley.co.uk/

Lucia Wine Bar & Grill

5 N Bar Within, Beverley HU17 8AP

Equally impressive is North Bar’s very own Lucia Wine Bar & Grill, a trendy, romantic, and relaxing location that also ranks as one of the local area’s standout Italian restaurants. Situated near Beverley’s iconic bandstand, this beautifully designed restaurant is a consistent favourite amongst local foodies and fans of Italian cuisine. In keeping with their mother nations sense of inclusion, Lucia’s offers a number of different menus, including a kids menu, a vegan menu, and a set menu for large parties, thus accommodating all customers with ease.

Although Lucia’s does deal in a number of British dishes, it is their Italian delicacies that stand out most noticeably. Their stone baked pizzas, served with Lucia’s tomato base and mozzarella cheese, demonstrate how innovative and delicious something as a pizza can be. In addition to offering some Italian classics, such as spaghetti carbonara risotto marinara, Lucia’s also specialise in a number of lesser known Italian dishes, including a pan roasted chicken breast, served with creamy tarragon sauce and gnocchi. Much like Figaro, Lucia’s also possesses an extensive drinks list, offering everything from Italian Lager perfect with a pizza to exotic Italian wines ideal for those seeking something new. With it’s stunning décor and moreish Italian meals, Lucia’s is not only one of the local area’s most romantic culinary locations, but one of it’s standout Italian restaurants.

Check out their website: https://www.luciawinebar.co.uk/lucia-beverley/

Gino D’Acampo Restauraunt Hull

Kingswood Retail Park, Althorpe Road, Kingston Upon Hull HU7 3DA

Having graced the nation with his humour and eccentricities for over 10 years, celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo has opened a number of modern and inviting Italian restaurants, one of which is thankfully in Hull. Situated in the heart of Kingswood, Gino’s Italian restaurant is a wildly popular and renowned eatery that has successfully blended traditional Italian cuisine with unapologetic populism.

Gino’s offers customers a number of menu’s to choose from- Vegetarian and Vegan, Gluten Intolerant, Canape’s, all of which demonstrate the establishment’s inclusive and modern approach to dining. In keeping with this sense of modernity, Gino’s boasts a stylish, minimalist décor that is capable of housing hundreds of hungry guests.

Some of the most popular Italian dishes found at Gino’s include; Calamari, Arancine (rice croquettes deliciously stuffed with cheese, peas, and tomato sauce), ravioli, and ‘the ultimate Italian dessert’, Tiramisu. With it’s unique combination of Anglicised Italian dishes, such as pizza and pasta, and it’s wealth of unique, inventive Italian delicacies, Ginos manages to balance fine dining and authenticism with comfort and hospitality. The quality and taste of their dishes warrants the slightly elevated prices, for delicious Italian food in modern surroundings, Ginos is perfect.

Check out their website: https://ginodacamporestaurants.com/

Gusto Da Gianni

26 Newland Ave, Hull

First established in 2013, this quaint and authentic Italian restaurant has rapidly become one of Hull and The East Riding’s most celebrated eateries, renowned for it’s adherence to tradition and warm hospitality. Nestled on the tail end of Hull’s bustling Newland Avenue, Gusto’s boasts a rustic, traditional décor and design that seeks to evoke the charm and beauty of Italy.

In addition to it’s friendly staff and old-fashioned charm, Gusto’s also deals in delicious, freshly made Italian dishes that never fail to appease or satisfy. The restaurant benefits from a reduced, concise menu that focuses on creating only the most delectable Italian dishes- including their air dried Gragnano pasta (perfect in the Penne Salsiccia), and their medallions of of British beef laced in a rich and creamy gorgonzola sauce. The eateries usage of traditional Italian cooking methods and ingredients grants it’s meals a sense of rustic charm and taste that demands return from anyone fortunate enough to indulge in their cuisine. With it’s romantic interior and stunning food, Gusto’s is an ideal location for couples seeking an atmospheric dining experience in one of Hull’s most authentic Italian restaurants.

Check out their website: http://gusto.gavinappleby.co.uk/

Piccolo Italian Bistro

119 Chanterlands Ave, Hull HU5 3TG

Located amongst the urban hub bub of Chanterlands Avenue is Piccolo, a cosy Italian Bistro and restaurant responsible for some of Hull’s finest Italian cuisine. In addition to serving classic dishes, Piccolo also offers Vegetarian, Vegan and Coeliac options, thus paving the way for inclusive and modern Italian dining. For those always in search of a bargain, Piccolo’s also offers 2 pizza/pasta dishes for £15 pounds- making it the ideal spot for a couple seeking a romantic evening full of atmosphere and good quality food.

Piccolo specialises in a number of traditional Italian dishes sure to delight every customer, including a number of stone baked pizzas, delicious pastas, and steaks. Piccolo also offer a plethora of innovative and moreish starters, with their Mediterranean fishcakes and Mozzarella Dolce Fritta (fried mozzarella wrapped in Parma ham) being their standout dishes.

Check out their website: https://www.piccoloitalianbistro.com/

Carluccio’s Beverley

1-7 Toll Gavel, Beverley, HU17 9AA

Last but by no means least is Carluccio’s Beverley, a modern and trendy restaurant of the larger Carluccio’s establishment, whose delicious Italian recipes make it one of the most popular eateries in the local area. As well as offering customers a number of menus to choose from, including a pizza menu, a children’s menu, and a gluten free menu, Carluccio’s also deals in tasty Italian meals that comfort foodies of all culinary inclinations. Their understated Focaccia, freshly baked using a traditional Ligurian recipe, is the perfect way to start a meal, whilst the restaurant’s steaks, salads, and unique pasta dishes serve as perfect follow ups.

The restaurant’s extensive culinary options and moreish meals are complimented by a large, modern design that allows customers to nonchalantly observe the bustle of Beverley between dishes of calamari and mozzarella. For it’s successful amalgamation of modernity and authenticism alone, Carluccio’s warrants a visit, for it’s traditional and delicious food, it warrants return.

Check out their website: https://www.carluccios.com/

For all the joy and satisfaction it has brought us, Italian food deserves to be celebrated- and the best way to do this is to go out, find a local restaurant, and indulge in all the flavours Italy has to offer. If you’re in the mood for seafood, steak, pasta, pizza, Italian cuisine will accommodate you with open arms.

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