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Where To Find The Very Best Theatre Online



Do you miss the theatre? Thanks to these amazing theatre live streams you don’t have to. Sit back, relax and bring the theatre home today with these amazing online theatre events. The show must go online.

National Theatre At Home

You can enjoy live theatre at home with the National Theatre. They are showing some of their best shows including One Man, Two Guvnors, Jane Eyre, Treasure Island, and Twelfth Night. One Man, Two Guvnors is a comedy about a hapless man who inadvertently gets employed by two bosses involved in crime. In contrast, Jane Eyre is a story about a woman’s fight for personal fulfilment and autonomy. There really is something for everyone. All these plays, and more in the future, are streaming live on the National Theatre Youtube channel. You can catch them at 7 pm GMT. After that, you can watch them on-demand for a week. All of the performances were filmed live on stage by National Theatre Live which is the broadcast arm of the National Theatre. These plays are exceptional so be sure to check them out.

Theatre Uncut

A one of a kind performance set entirely on Facebook, Bubble, is a play about freedom of speech. It was written by Kieran Hurley and created by Theatre Uncut, which specialises in politically-inspired interactive festivals. Bubble is unique and aims to replicate the online experience with character video posts. The narrative is driven by characters, who pop up on-screen to comment on each other’s posts and embellish their statements with emojis. Different characters are used to make different points. For example, a professor blunders through the online world, sharing things by accident. In essence, the online experience is used to comment on and explore the online world. Bubble is an unforgettable performance that stands out for all the right reasons. It is available to watch until April the 23rd. You can also download it as a play-text. Don’t miss it.

The Social Distancing Festival

The Social Distancing Festival was established by Nick Green after his show was cancelled. It acts as a directory for online arts events all over the world, including theatre, music, dance, and art. You can find streaming links to everything from comedic accordion performances to country music. The website received 100,000 visitors in the first two days and is constantly growing, so it’s well worth a look.

Original Theatre Online

The Original Theatre company has brought the theatre online. You can watch two performances, The Habit Of Art and The Croft, for as little as £5 on their website. The shows are completely different, The Habit Of Art is artistic and moving while The Croft is thrilling and suspenseful. Original Theatre Online and its offerings have been well received in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Express, and more. Go see for yourself.

There’s More

The world of theatre is a big place so there’s always more to see. Hull Truck Theatre, are screening some of their previous performances, including Paragon Dreams, on their Youtube channel. If you want to explore a wide range of performances you can visit streaming platforms such as Digital Theatre. Digital Theatre allows you to stream iconic theatre performances to multiple devices. You can access unlimited theatre performances for £9.99 on Digital Theatre. Alternatively, you can rent productions from £7.99. You can also watch performances on Marquee TV. Marquee TV is currently offering a free trial so that you watch unlimited performances for free for 30 days.

Don’t Miss Out

Online theatre shows come and go, just like normal performances, so watch them while you can. There are so many options, from free to watch social media-inspired performances, to affordable thrillers. If you miss the authenticity and atmosphere of the theatre, recreate it at home today with these incredible online theatre shows.

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