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Young people in Hull elect city’s third Young Mayor



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Young people in Hull have selected the city’s third Young Mayor.

Amelia Franczak, aged 12, from St Mary’s College, was selected from 35 young people who applied.

The Young Mayor’s campaign group panel chose Amelia following her presentation on nationalism and racism, and felt she would be able to connect to anyone young and old.


Amelia said: ‘I am extremely excited to be selected as Hull’s Young Mayor and I am looking forward to working with the Hull Youth Parliament.’

Amelia will take over from Gabriela Surdyk who undertook the role for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Emily Koyunca was Hull’s first Young Mayor in 2019.

The full selection process, from promotion campaign to selection, was led and evaluated by young people.

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A total of 35 young people, aged 11 to 17, applied after a promotion campaign targeting youth groups, schools, colleges in Hull. 13 young people were selected to be interviewed by a panel of young people, which covered topics from mental health to community connectivity, body image to racism. 

Amelia will be in post for the next 12 months working with other young people and decision-makers to promote the interests of young people in the city.

Councillor Shane McMurray, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services said: “Huge congratulations to Amelia.

“It’s important that more young people are involved and engaged in local politics and decision making. I am always impressed how well young people can advocate for each other and the things they care about, as well as changes they’d like to see.


“It’s vital that we take into account young people’s perspectives when we’re providing and shaping services for them. I wish Amelia a productive and enjoyable year.”

Karolina Franczak, Amelia’s mum, said: ‘I am very proud of Amelia she is an amazing young woman who wants to make the world a better place’.


The Council’s Voice and Influence team will work with the Young Mayor, along with other young people, organisations, schools and the Lord Mayor of Hull for the benefit of young people in Hull.

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