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Experience more of Hull & East Yorkshire
Experience more of
Hull & East Yorkshire

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Welcome to Hull What’s On, your leading guide to what’s on in Hull and East Yorkshire along with local news, lifestyle guides and much more. 

Established in 2014, we’ve been at home in Hull, sharing our love for the city and its beautiful surroundings.

We’ll help you discover and experience more of Hull, a city that has been on the rise since its 2017 City of Culture award, a recognition that sparked a year of outstanding headline events. Explore the stunning settings of our neighbouring county, the East Riding of Yorkshire, known for its vibrant beaches and lush green countryside.

If you’re wondering what’s on in Hull & East Yorkshire, there’s a wide variety of top events to choose from. Take a tour of Hull’s long-established theatres, Hull New Theatre and Hull Truck Theatre, where a diverse range of shows is a constant feature. For food enthusiasts, you’ll find a vast selection of restaurants, both in the city centre and on the outskirts.

Music and comedy enthusiasts won’t be disappointed with what’s on in Hull. The historic Hull City Hall and Bonus Arena host a variety of big music and comedy gigs, while the world-famous Adelphi club offers an underground music scene every week. Don’t miss the annual Humber Street Sesh, one of the most anticipated events in Hull.

Hull is a city on the edge of the world, offering a balance of low-cost living and plenty of choices for families.

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