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Hull is one of our favourite places to be. It’s our home and has been since we started as ‘Hull What’s On’ back in 2014. Since then we’ve expanded across the world, but Hull is where we’re based. We love the city and it’s beautiful surroundings. It’s neighbouring county, the East Riding of Yorkshire, is a stunning setting full of green countryside and vibrant beaches. While Hull itself is a city on the up, particularly since it’s 2017 City of Culture award and year of great headline events. There’s so many top events in Hull. It’s long-established theatres, Hull New Theatre and Hull Truck Theatre produce a wide variety of shows to enjoy, while there’s also a huge choice of restaurants in the city centre and on the outskirts. The historic Hull City Hall and brand new Bonus Arena provide plenty of big music and comedy gigs too, while more underground music comes from the world-famous Adelphi club every week and the annual Humber Street Sesh. Hull is a city on the edge of the world, perfect for low-cost living and plenty of choice for families.

Hull's FREE weekly newsletter

A weekly round-up of Hull news, great events and things to do.