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Eating out in Hull & East Yorkshire

When it comes to eating out in Hull & East Yorkshire, we’ve got you covered with the latest restaurant reviews, food guides, new openings and food and drink festivals and events…

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Hull & East Yorkshire present a food and drink scene that beautifully blends the region’s cultural heritage with contemporary culinary trends, making eating out in Hull a delightful experience for every palate.

In the bustling heart of Hull, you’ll find a diverse range of eateries that truly epitomise the joy of eating out in Hull. In Hull Trinity Market, you’ll find a culinary street food scene that brings together a myriad of world cuisines – from classic Italian pizza and fragrant Thai dishes to sizzling Greek gyros and innovative vegan delights. 

The city centre also hosts an array of independent bars and restaurants, the perfect venues for a meal before a show at Hull New Theatre or a post-concert drink near the Bonus Arena. These locations not only offer exquisite dishes and drinks, but they also contribute to the vibrant nightlife and cultural experiences when eating out in Hull.

Taking the dining experience to the streets, Hull city centre offers the unique Hull Street Food Nights throughout the summer. These monthly events transform the city centre into an al fresco dining hub, with local vendors serving an impressive array of global dishes, crafted from locally-sourced produce. These lively nights, filled with enticing aromas, flavours, and live music, redefine eating out in Hull.

And lining the streets of Hull away from the city centre, cultural areas like Newland Avenue and Princes Avenue, paint a vibrant picture of Hull’s global culinary influences; offering bars and restaurants to suit every style and taste.

Beyond the city’s confines, East Yorkshire continues to impress with its traditional culinary offerings. Farmers’ markets, including Beverley Saturday Market and Driffield Market, invite you to indulge in fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and baked goods, making eating out in Hull and its surroundings a genuine farm-to-fork experience.

For craft beer enthusiasts, Hull & East Yorkshire does not disappoint. Micro-breweries like Atom Beers and Bone Machine in Hull brew a range of unique ales and stouts, adding a distinctive flavour to the local food and drink scene. Events such as the Hull Beer Festival at Hull Minster celebrate this thriving culture, offering a variety of local brews for sampling.

Whether you’re in the mood for coffee, tea, or a pint of craft beer, the assortment of cafes & coffee shops, and pubs & bars Hull & East Yorkshire caters to all tastes. Each sip here is a fusion of traditional and innovative flavours, adding to the unique charm of eating out in Hull.

In conclusion, from its diverse city centre dining and street food nights to its rustic country pubs and lively farmers’ markets, eating out in Hull & East Yorkshire offers a culinary exploration that’s both authentic and exciting. Discover for yourself why Hull is fast becoming a must-visit destination for food and drink enthusiasts around the globe.

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