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5 films to watch at the cinema this week



August is coming to its rather soggy conclusion, with gales and torrential rain forecast for much of the UK. If you haven’t managed to venture to your local cinema yet, then this week may be the best time to step foot back into your local multiplex.

New releases are few and far between at the moment, as you would expect, but here are my top five picks for what you should check out at the cinema this week. Make sure you check your local movie theatre to see what they are showing as many are making daily changes to accommodate social distancing regulation.


After what feels like a lifetime, Tenet is finally here. Christopher Nolan’s next big feature film has a cast that includes the new Batman himself, Robert Pattinson. Early reviews are saying what you’d expect: it’s mind-blowing. This is one of the first high profile films to be released following our enforced hibernation – check it out if you can track it down.

The New Mutants

Another release that has been pushed back. This one however, dates all the way back to 2017. It remains to be seen if The New Mutants can draw in audiences after being pushed back at least 4 times by Fox and new owners Disney. Though a more gritty take on X-Men sounds good to me – kind of a mix between Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy.

100% Wolf

One for all the family, this cute looking animation follows the story of a family of werewolves. However, for Freddy, things are all as they seem as he struggles to cope with his first-ever transformation. This one has slipped under the radar somewhat but the reviews are positive, so one to take the kids too on an expectedly dreary bank holiday weekend.


Christopher Nolan’s second appearance on this list as Inception makes its way back into cinemas across the UK. This visual feast needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible, so if you’re like me and only managed to see it on blu-ray, this is definitely one to hunt down at your local cinema.

The Greatest Showman

And a musical to finish. The Greatest Showman is making its way back to cinemas across the land this week. The sing-along-version no less is sure to have spirits soaring in your local cinema, featuring a fabulous performance from Hugh Jackman and some of the catchiest songs ever put to film.

Those are my top five picks of the week. If you do manage to track them down, stay safe and remember to give everyone their space. Each cinema will have their own rules in place, so I recommend checking what guidelines they are enforcing before you book those tickets.

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