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5 New Places to Eat in Hull Summer 2021

After months of rain and strict lockdown measures summer is finally here, and with it, the exciting opportunity of trying out some of Hull’s newest restaurants and eateries.

The newly founded establishments featured are a testimony to Hull’s growing culinary and cultural diversity, with each one bringing something new and alluring to the local area. For all dedicated foodie’s determined to try out the newest flavours and trends that Hull has to offer, here are 5 new places to eat in Hull this summer.

Eggfree Cake Box

85 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2AL

Those that actively engage with the culinary world will readily recognise the Eggfree Cake Box name, an extensive, family-friendly franchise that specialises in Eggfree cakes and treats. Fans of the establishment’s ‘tea time treats’ and expertly made cakes will be happy to hear that Newland Avenue, one of Hull’s most culturally iconic settings, has recently become home to one of Eggfree’s newest stores. Due to open on June the 30th, perfectly poised for a summer of relative freedom and excitement, Eggfree Cake Box is perfect for those wanting a progressive and tasty take on some of England’s best loved cakes, including: ‘Red Velvet Cakes, Platter Cakes,’ and, of course, ‘Birthday Cakes’ of every possible variety. Eggfree Cake Box is sure to enrich Hull with it’s moreish treats and cakes.

Check out their website:

Villa Natura

56 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 3AE

Also found on Newland Avenue is the equally impressive Villa Natura, a quaint and affordable coffee shop garnering regard for it’s unrivalled and extensive coffee menu. Notable treats on the menu include the ‘Mazagran Coffee’, an Algerian refreshment perfect for those wanting to try something new. Villa Natura is excelling at bringing cultural diversity to Hull in a delicious and exciting way. It is also worth mentioning that the newly founded establishment serves Safi Coffee, supporting children in Uganda.

Villa Natura serves more than just coffee however, the ‘artisan café’ also provides home-made food ranging from rustic sandwiches perfect for lunch to sweet treats ideal for having with one of the establishment’s impressive coffees. In addition to offering affordable, quality food and drink, Villa Natura’s inside and outside seating is also atmospheric and quaint, making it one of Hull’s finest places to eat, drink, and relax.

Check out their website:

Tapasya Spices and Kitchen

19 Holderness Road, Hull HU8 7NA

Lovers of authentically made Indian cuisine will be delighted at the opening of Tapasya Spices & Kitchen, a multi-purpose restaurant and takeaway found on Holderness Road.

With it’s Indian sourced ingredients and extensive seating, Tapasya Spices & Kitchen is set to become one of Hull’s most sought after culinary attractions this summer. Tapasya provides recognisable classics as well as dabbling in some unfamiliar yet exciting dishes such as Choley Bhature- all of which are made by award-winning chefs.

The establishment’s promise is aided by it’s diversity as an eatery- takeaway, restaurant, catering, Tapasya Spices & Kitchen is capable of accommodating everyone at an affordable price. In addition to providing amazing food and an authentic dining experience, Tapasya also invites customers to get involved in their innovative cooking classes and learn more about what makes Indian cuisine so irresistible.

With the arrival of Tapasya Spices & Kitchen, Hull is quickly becoming a treasure trove of Indian cuisine that demands return with it’s unique dishes and quality.

Check out their website:

Pasco’s Italian Bar and Restaurant

Unit A, The Junction, Hull HU3 4SA

Pasco’s Italian Restaurant and Bar, the second addition to the Pasco’s eatery family, is one of Hull’s newest and most promising establishments. Located on St. Andrews Quay, the spacious and minimalist setting provides it’s customers with a modern and relaxed dining experience. Furthermore, the restaurant’s alluring menu and friendly staff reassures local foodies that the Pasco’s name has lost nothing of it’s famous charm and comfort.

Pasco’s provides it’s lucky customers with a variety of good-quality dishes, ranging from staple Italian classics such as Pollo Caprese and Antipasto di Carne to burgers and sandwiches. Pasco’s affordable and varied menu makes it perfect for family outings or for an evening meal with friends.

The restaurant’s versatility also makes it a suitable eatery for any occasion, breakfast is now offered from 8:30 AM, and the establishment’s plethora of cocktails and beverages makes it equally ideal for those simply preferring to have a drink and bask in the restaurant’s lively and sociable atmosphere.

Check out their website:

Your Creation

4 Vernon St, Hull HU1 3DP

Your Creation is a new addition to the city centre that puts you in control. The owner, Chris, was made redundant in lockdown so he decided to follow his dream and start his own Burger & Hot Dog bar. The eatery allows you to pick and choose what goes into your meal to customise your experience. There’s over 60 extras to choose from so you can eat exactly what you want every time.

There’s plenty of sides too including seasoned Crispy Chicken Wings, Halloumi Fries, Potato Smiley Faces, and Chicken Strips. Plus lots of sweet treats to finish off your meal.

Check out their website:

The fortunate arrival of relaxed lockdown measures and summer means that once again, Hull’s local foodie’s can go out and survey all that the city’s eateries have to offer.

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