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8 Fantastic New Films On Netflix



Sit back, relax and watch something incredible with the very best new films on Netflix. There’s something for everyone from lively comedies to entrancing fantasy films. Explore and discover a new world today.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a fantasy romantic drama film. The eponymous protagonist is born with the appearance and maladies of an older man and ages backwards throughout the story. The film is magical, moving, and romantic with high ratings, receiving an average rating of 7.1 on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 70 on Metacritic. If you’re looking for something with a distinctive charming feel, then The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is for you.

Blackfish (2013)

Blackfish is a critically acclaimed documentary about the captivity of an orca. Tilikum, captured in 1983 near the Icelandic coast and purportedly harassed by other whales in captivity, is connected to the death of three keepers. Blackfish is an intriguing documentary that will make you think twice about animal captivity. It is highly rated by critics with a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an average score of 8.02. If you love a good moral debate, then Blackfish is for you.

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971)

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory is a classic musical fantasy film that almost everyone knows and loves. Revisit Charlie, a poor boy who finds a golden ticket and gets to explore Willy Wonka’s mysterious sweet factory, and rediscover the importance of having a good heart. The film is well known for being lively and imaginative. Unsurprisingly, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory is rated highly with a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an average score of 7.8.

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (Warner Bros)

Sinister (2012)

If you want to watch a supernatural horror film, that feels fresh then Sinister is a great choice. Sinister follows a true-crime writer called Ellison who moves into a new home with his wife and children. Naturally, things are not what they appear. They discover that the previous occupants were murdered and Ellison finds some mysterious film reels in the attic. Soon, chaos and horror erupt. Sinister has a unique feel, with distinctive filmography, terrifying music and incredible suspense. It’s well worth a look.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008)

Alex, the lion and his friends, are back and trapped in Africa after the plane taking them back to New York crashes. The animals find themselves in a nature reserve, making friends old and new, and experiencing the highs and lows of their new life. A bright engaging, and consistently funny film, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is perfect for families.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (DreamWorks Animation)

The Patriot (2000)

The Patriot is a historical war film set in South Carolina. It follows Benjamin Martin, portrayed by Mel Gibson, who is an American colonist unintentionally caught up in the American Revolutionary War. Its historical accuracy is debatable, but its entertainment value is not. According to critics, it is a striking mix of sentimentality and brutality with a well portrayed guilt-ridden protagonist. The film has mostly positive reviews and has an average rating of 6.13 on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Song Of The Sea (2014)

The Song Of The Sea is an animated fantasy film that follows the story of a 10-year-old Irish boy called Ben. He discovers that his mute sister Saorise is a selkie who has to free faerie creatures from the Celtic goddess Macha. The film is rooted in folk tales and magic with beautiful artwork and nuanced characters. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews with a 99% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an average rating of 8.44. The Song Of The Sea is an extraordinary children’s film, perfect for families and adults still in touch with their inner child.

The Song Of The Sea 2014
The Song Of The Sea (Cartoon Saloon)

Back To The Future (1985)

If you’re feeling nostalgic, catch Back To The Future on Netflix. Back To The Future is a science fiction film that follows Marty McFly as he accidentally travels back in time, meets his parents and becomes his mother’s romantic interest. His eccentric scientist friend, Dr Emmett “Doc” Brown works to help Marty repair history and return to 1985. Back To The Future is critically acclaimed, receiving multiple awards, has a 96% fresh rating and an average score of 8.73 on Rotten Tomatoes. Watch it while you can.

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There are some incredible new films available to watch on Netflix. Catch them while you can.

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