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8 Stunning East Yorkshire beaches to visit this summer



One of the best things about living in East Yorkshire is the fact that there’s a beach just a short drive away. And we have some stunning beaches to enjoy. Alongside the brilliant Bridlington seaside resort to enjoy, there are some picturesque and quieter beaches to enjoy along our coastline that you may not be aware of. Here are the best East Yorkshire beaches you can visit this summer…

Dane’s Dyke

Dane’s Dyke is one of the best beaches in East Yorkshire with a stunning pebble and golden sand beach which is perfect for a quiet walk along the coast. There’s an incredible forest to explore right before you reach the two-tone pebble and sand beach on foot. Low tides expose a myriad of rock pools teeming with marine wildlife. You can find the beach on the southern side of Flamborough Head.

Barmston Beach

This quiet beach is a popular fishing spot and well worth a visit for a peaceful stroll. It’s also a great place to watch sand martins which nest in the cliffs from April to September. Barmston beach is six miles south of Bridlington and well worth a visit during summer. Definitely one of best East Yorkshire beaches on this list.


Fraisthorpe is a vast expanse of flat sandy beach which is perfect for dog walking, horse riding and kite-surfing. It’s the best beach in East Yorkshire if you’re looking to exercise near the sea.

North Landing, Flamborough

Now here’s a beautiful beach you’d have to see to believe it’s in our own county. It’s definitely one of the best East Yorkshire beaches on this list with a natural cove and an array of birds and crabs. You can see puffins, kittiwakes, razorbills and cormorants in the cliffs. If you’re looking for a beauty spot rich in nature where you can walk your dog then look no further than North Landing.


Walk on the sea front at Hornsea East Yorkshire England UK

Hornsea marks the end of the TransPennine Trail and is more of a classic seaside resort with a blue flag beach and an extensive stretch of sand and shingle. There are some nice gardens alongside a long promenade and plenty of parking with accessible town facilities accompany the beach. If you’re bored, Hornsea is well worth another visit this summer.


North Sea coast near Mappleton, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, UK

An excellent beach for fossil hunters; Mappleton’s eroding cliffs reveal Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks including corals, molluscs ammonites and belemnites. Mappleton is one of the best beaches in East Yorkshire and without a doubt, is a hidden treasure.

Thornwick Bay

View of Thornwick Bay at sunrise, Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire.

Thornwick Bay is excellent for rock-pooling, has several small caves and a magnificent sea arch. This beautiful rocky bay is on the north coast of Flamborough Head and is well worth a look.

Spurn Head Beach

As one of East Yorkshire’s best beaches, this one consists of a three-mile stretch of sand and shingle which runs around a narrow patch of land at the beginning of the Humber Estuary. It has excellent water quality and is a brilliant place for bird watching and fossil hunting.

Now you’ve seen the choice, make sure you take advantage of the weather and go visit these brilliant beaches. From stunning cliffs to wildlife-packed and eye-catching rockpools; it’s going to be a great day out.

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