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British punk legends UK Subs set to play at The Adelphi in December



“The legendary British punk UK Subs are set to explode onto Adelphi’s stage in December and give everyone a show to remember.”

The band marked their 40th anniversary in 2016 and they still continue to create music and embody the true spirit of punk music as one of the biggest UK 2nd wave punk bands of the 70’s and 80’s.

After the first album released in 1979, ‘Another kind of blues’, they exploded onto the scene with songs such as ‘stranglehold’ and ‘Tv blues’ which are now classics in the bands lengthy catalog of songs.

The band also continue to record album of cover songs from other genres of music as well as reissue their classic albums in a remastered format so that new generations of listeners can still enjoy their music, wether that be on vinyl or music streaming services.

UK Subs current line up.

Although UK subs have been through many line up changes, The 72 year old singer Charlie Harper, has been the bastion of the band in their impressively long career as he has now been crowned the godfather of UK punk and continues to tour with the current line up of Charlie Harper (Singer), Alvin Gibbs (Bassist), Jamie Oliver (Drummer) and Steve Straughan (Guitarist).

The band have had to postpone touring due to the current pandemic but as the restrictions are being lifting slowly across the UK, Uk subs have announced an rather impressive amounts of dates for this year and some next year, the band are set to arrive in Hull on the 2nd of December to play in The Adelphi and give everyone there an amazing show to remember for life.

This is one for the fans of old punk music, so don’t miss this! Pick up a ticket from The Adelphi’s website here.

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