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Crackin’ independent coffee shops to try in Hull & East Yorkshire this Winter season

The arrival of Autumn and colder weather brings up more exciting opportunities than you’d think it would! For starters, it gives you the exciting chance to visit some of the local area’s most impressive and best loved coffee shops-the perfect place to hide from the cold and indulge in some of Hull and East Yorkshire’s finest coffee.

Virtually every local coffee shops caters for Autumn and Winter by changing up their drink menu’s, and this, in addition to there being a number of newly opened coffee shops in the local area, helps to make Winter an exciting prospect, rather than a dreary one.

Here are some fantastic coffee shops readily found in the local area, featuring: old classics, new establishments and new menus.

Blondes Cruelty-Free Eatery

106 King St, Cottingham HU16 5QE

One of East Yorkshire’s most revered vegan establishments, Blondes Coffee Shop has been diligently catering to locals for a number of years now, and with ever-growing popularity!

Situated in Cottingham’s picturesque centre, Blondes is the perfect place to visit on a cold Autumn day for a friendly chat and a delicious coffee of your choosing. For those seeking a vegan alternative to their favourite caffeinated beverages, Blondes is the place to visit. Some of their finest Autumnal coffees are as follows: Turmeric Latte, Chai Latte and Matcha Latte.

Check out their Instagram page here >>

The Barista

141 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2ER

Newland Avenue has no shortage of amazing places to eat and drink, and Barista is one of the very best, serving up everything from delicious hot breakfasts to cocktails and sandwiches! Above all else however, it is speciality coffee which Barista is often said to do best, and given the options on offer, this comes as little surprise!

Using only the best quality local coffee, Barista offers the following drinks: Espresso, Americano, Long Black, Macchiato, Mocha, Iced coffee’s, Latte, Mocha, Americano, Cortado, and Flat Whites just to name a few! For delicious, high quality coffee of every thinkable variety, The Barista is perfect.

Check out their Facebook page >>

Planet Coffee

162 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2NE

Just across the road from The Barista is Planet Coffee, another of Newland Avenue’s amazingly popular coffee shops. Spacious, inviting, friendly, and reasonably priced, what more could you possibly ask for?

Having been open for nearly two decades, Planet Coffee has amassed a band of loyal customers who consistently champion it as one of Hull’s best places to come for coffee and a slice of cake. Serving up Iced Americanos, Cappuccino Milkshakes, Mochas and Espresso, Planet Coffee is capable of accommodating everyone!

In anticipation of a cold Winter, Planet Coffee have introduced a few seasonal favourites to their menu, including Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Maple Flat White and a delicious Cinnamon Hot Chocolate!

Check out their Facebook page >>

Still. by Two Gingers Coffee

21 Posterngate, Hull HU1 2JN

Reopening next week on new premises, Still. by Two Gingers has long been regarded as one of Hull’s most eclectically minded coffee shops, using only the finest ingredients to produce only the finest coffees.

Combined with this taste for quality is an eye for design, with the establishments new premises being set to be both modern and stylish. Offering imported coffee of every variety and even an Independent Coffee Guide, Still. is for those seeking to take coffee seriously this Autumn!

Check out their Facebook page >>

Divehu5/Black Market Coffee

59 Princes Ave, Hull HU5 EQY

Functioning simultaneously as both a lively bar and a revered coffee shop, Dive is capable of doing it all. Situated towards the Spring Bank end of Princes Avenue, the establishments popularity has been skyrocketing ever since it’s opening a handful of years ago – aided in part by it’s friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere, and belief in good quality coffee

Some of the coffees on offer currently are as follows: Black Coffee, Flat White, Cappucino, Lattes and a number of Iced Coffees, enough variety to keep you coming back again and again!

Fans of Divehu5/Black Market Coffee will be happy to learn that the establishment currently has an Autumn menu on offer, featuring the following drinks: Pumpkin Spice Latte, Cinnamon Roll Latte, Honey & Pistachio Latte and a Roasted Hazelnut & Ginger Mocha!

Check out their Facebook page >>

Urban 44 Coffee Lounge

56 Hull Rd, Hessle HU13 0AN

The picturesque East Yorkshire town of Hessle is home to Urban 44 Coffee Lounge, a fantastic local establishment whose friendly staff and tasty coffee makes it a must to visit this Autumn!

‘Bringing a slice of Australian coffee culture to the heart of Hessle’, Urban 44 seeks to introduce locals to new types of delicious and unique coffees, all perfectly complimented by a homemade slice of cake! Those seeking an affordable cup of coffee in friendly surroundings will love Urban 44 Coffee Lounge.

Check out their Facebook page >>

Cafe Velo Beverley

21 N Bar Within, Beverley HU17 8DB

This curious, cycling themed café is to be found in the centre of Beverley, overlooking the stunning St. Mary’s Church. The establishment serves everything from full englishes and cakes to, most importantly, roasted specialist coffee!

Cappuccinos, Flat Whites, Americanos, Café Velo does it all! Comfortable and affordable, Café Velo, like all of the coffee shops featured on this list, is perfect for hunkering down in on a cold Autumn day and watching the world go by with a coffee and cake.

Check out their Facebook page >>

Ginger Beans Coffee

Trinity Market, Lowgate, Hull HU1 2JH

Situated amongst the bustle of the ever popular Trinity Market, Ginger Beans Coffee is something of a hidden gem in the local area. Using locally roasted coffee beans (courtesy of The Blending Room), Ginger Beans produces some of Hull’s finest coffee-all from the comfort of trinity market’s cosiest shack!

Some of the coffees currently on offer at Ginger Beans are as follows: Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte, and Iced Latte’s! There’s also the option of customising your coffee with a syrup of your choosing!

Check out their Facebook page for further information:


Trinity Market, Lowgate, Hull HU1 2JH

Also located in Hull’s Trinity Market is Caffeinated, a quaint and charming coffee shop whose friendly staff and delicious coffee has made it popular and beloved in the local area!

Like Ginger Beans, Caffeinated has also been associated with The Blending Room, and champions good quality local ingredients above all else. Serving up everything from old classics to seasonal favourites, Caffeinated can sort you out, no matter what you’re in the mood for!

Check out their Facebook page for further information:

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