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Cycling routes to enjoy in Hull & East Yorkshire this Summer

If I dare tread such murky water, I consider myself something of an amateur cyclist and as a result, I have traversed many of the beautiful cycling routes dotted across Hull and East Yorkshire. Consequently, I wish to share with you five of my favourite routes all of which start in Hull city centre and end, naturally, somewhere in East Yorkshire.

Hull to Beverley

(9.6 miles)

Perhaps my favourite, this Hull to Beverley was a staple of my cycling routes last year because it is a fantastic fitness builder whilst being relatively easy to complete. Setting off from Hull city centre, follow the roads to the University of Hull before swinging through Cottingham and along the A164 into the south-end of Beverley. Now, the beauty of this route is that one gets to consume the leafy University Quarter as well as the idyllic town of Cottingham and the Beverley Westwood which, for me at least, is a trip down memory lane as I spent a joyous first year at The Lawns in Cottingham. All things considered, this route is 9.6 miles and should take the average rider 50 minutes to complete.

Hull to Hessle Foreshore

(5.6 miles)

Certainly not for those who lack confidence on the road, this route will take you onto the ever-busy Anlaby and Hessle Roads before opening up into the delightful Hessle followed by a left-turn towards the Hessle Foreshore along roads that showcase the best that Hessle has to offer. Additionally, there is the option to continue the route all the way to North Ferriby (and beyond) courtesy of the nifty Trans Pennine Trail which connects East to West via Southport and Hornsea. In total, this route adds up to 5.6 miles and should take the average rider 31 minutes to complete.

Hull to Hornsea

(12.9 miles)

I had the good fortune to experience this route in the summer last year and on the back of an enthusiastic build-up, I was not disappointed. As opposed to the Hessle Foreshore route, Hull to Hornsea is traversed entirely via the Trans Pennine Trail taking one through the undisturbed East Yorkshire villages of Swine; New Ellerby; Marton; Great and Little Hatfield; and Goxhill. Interestingly, my eyes were opened to a part of East Yorkshire that I had never seen before; I was struck by its raw beauty and charm meaning I returned home enthused with an appreciation of little-known East Yorkshire villages. Of course, the piece de resistance of this route is Hornsea which is full of seaside appeal and to my surprise mimicked Southport (a town close to where I grew up) its Trans Pennine relation and counterpart on the North West coast. Altogether, this route covers 12.9 miles and should take the average rider 1 hour and 5 minutes to complete.

Hull to Withernsea

(20 miles)

Warning! This cycling route is a punisher. I have no shame in saying that the return journey almost finished me off. Unfortunately, the South Holderness Rail Trail which dominates this route is not kept in the best of condition and consequently, riders will have a tough time traversing its terrain. Additionally, the final run-in to Withernsea along the B1362 is largely undulating ground rendering itself positively unforgivable to the unwary. However, the challenges en route are worth it because of the sense of achievement upon reaching Withernsea and if that fails to push your buttons perhaps an ice cream and a go in the arcade will! In the end, this route crosses 20 miles and should take the average rider 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete.

Hull to Barton upon Humber

(8 miles)

It would have been a grievous offence on my part had I neglected to include a route that passes over the awe-inspiring Humber Bridge. It might be a good idea to tackle the Hessle Foreshore route first as it includes much of the same ground in the build-up to the Humber Bridge and thus can be considered an ideal warm-up; however, feel free to ignore my advice!

Another point of order refers to the conditions on the Humber Bridge namely, ahead of your journey, check that wind speeds are agreeable, and ensure that the bridge is open to cyclists—it is worthwhile emailing to inform the staff of your journey. With that in mind, it is time to move on to the good stuff, this route will take you through the aforementioned delights of Hessle; the Humber Bridge; before opening up to the countryside enchantment of North Lincolnshire and finally Barton Upon Humber.

Intriguingly, Barton, to my mind, is something of a Hull colony which surprised me as I was not expecting it to mimic our city in any sense, and having remedied my illusion I was happy to find much of what is good in Hull also exists in Barton. This route totals 8 miles and should take the average rider 46 minutes to complete.

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