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Exclusive sneak peek at the new American-themed bar and diner opening in Beverley next month

One of East Yorkshire’s market towns is about to welcome a new star in its vibrant culinary and entertainment scene. 

‘Beverley Hills’, a Hollywood-inspired bar and diner, is set to infuse the streets of Flemingate in Beverley with a dash of California glamour, redefining the conventional American dining experience.

Lucas Billingham, one of the co-owners behind the successful Kick’s Bar & Grill in Hull city centre and Rise and Grind Bistro in Kingswood, recently granted us an exclusive tour of his newest venture. Unlike the typical 50s-style diner, Beverley Hills will blend Hollywood elegance with Beverley’s distinctive charm, resulting in an immersive, uniquely captivating atmosphere.

“Beverley Hills is not just a restaurant; it’s a fusion of fine food, vibrant entertainment, and a celebration of American culture’s classics,” said Billingham, sharing his vision for the establishment. “We’re crafting a space where families can savour gourmet meals during the day and adults can enjoy a buzzing night out after dark, all against the backdrop of our Jumbotron music jukebox.”

Billingham’s innovative approach is reflected in the menu, which features modern American classics. Beverley Hills promises to cater to all tastes, from gourmet pizzas and burgers to pasta, bao buns, and American-style afternoon tea. For those with a sweet tooth, the diner has partnered with Skipsea favourite, Mr Moos, to serve a unique selection of desserts that fuse American flavours with a touch of Yorkshire.

As night falls, Beverley Hills will transform into a lively bar with a bespoke cocktail menu inspired by iconic figures from film and music. Combined with the venue’s energetic atmosphere and eclectic music selection, Beverley Hills is poised to become the new go-to spot for those seeking an upscale and vibrant night out.

With successful ventures already enhancing Hull’s dining scene, Lucas and the team seem set to make a similar impact in Beverley with the forthcoming Beverley Hills. Our sneak peek inside left us eagerly anticipating its grand opening. Stay tuned for the launch of this Hollywood-inspired diner and bar, and be sure to check out our exclusive photos for a first glimpse of what’s to come!

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