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Hull Area Guide: Bransholme



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Several weekends ago, I spent the majority of my Saturday in Bransholme’s North Point Shopping Centre courtesy of my girlfriend’s, unfortunately, pressing need to attend the nearby Urgent Treatment Centre.

Now, as an out-of-towner, I must admit to having heard less than desirable comments made against Bransholme, and honestly, I was unsure what to expect. However, I can happily report that my time in Bransholme—albeit, restricted to North Point—was well-spent and thoroughly enjoyed; therefore, it is my dearest hope that this article can do justice to this oft-unsung suburb of the Hull area.

North Point Shopping Centre

The North Point Shopping Centre, as is the case in many post-war estates, dominates the urban tempest of Bransholme, harbouring many of the amenities and recreational centres which make this area tick. Upon entering North Point, I was captured by the friendly demeanour of those inside and this, to my mind, is possibly Bramsholme’s most admirable characteristic. It is a rare thing to find a community spirit so intact, today, and this speaks volumes as to the quality of the people there and, perhaps, the pride they have in their community. I am no fan of unnecessary hyperbole but I can say, with ease, that each interaction I had in North Point left me sky-high. What is more, I was pleasantly surprised to find that everywhere was reasonably priced and, at the end of my visit, walked out of the North Point doors with enough food to fill my boots and a prized Sharpe’s Collector’s Edition having parted with a very reasonable fifteen pounds.

Bransholme Indoor Market Place

The Bransholme Indoor Market Place, which is attached to North Point, was somewhere I found very intriguing. On the one hand, there were several empty units whilst, on the other, the businesses that were there had great appeal. For example, Keys Butchers was a foodstuffs treasure trove and the nearby North Point Pets provides a niche service that is, sadly, increasingly difficult to find. Now, in my opinion, this makes the Indoor Market Place something of a microcosm of North Point and Bransholme; therefore, I feel obliged to say that yes, North Point and Bransholme are under the weather, at the moment, however, on the strength of my enjoyable experience, everything seems to indicate that they have enormous potential and with a little bit of dexterity on the part of those in charge, there is no reason North Point and Bransholme cannot flourish in the near future.

History of Bransholme

After my visit to Bransholme, I was compelled to know more about the area and decided to delve, tentatively, into its history. I was struck by what I learnt. It seems that Bransholme goes as far back as, if not further than, the Domesday Book in 1086; at that time, there was a settlement known as Sudtone which connected modern-day Wawne and Bilton. Additionally, there is evidence of a Romano-British farming settlement near where the new bridge crosses the River Hull. Furthermore, during the Second World War, Bransholme was home to RAF Sutton which provided barrage balloons that were deployed to defend Hull’s vital docks and rail network. Now for a history nerd like me, these historical credentials serve to mark Bransholme as a place of great significance and, on the whole, adds value to the area as well as the surrounding Hull and East Riding area.

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